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Math Equation Help

Find the vertical shift.y=0.9(sin(pi/3-x)+0.01)


World Problem Solving

A mouse wanders through a maze 3 feet East, 4 feet North, 2 feet East, & then 5 feet North. How far is the mouse from its starting point?Round to the nearest tenth.


Word Problem Solving

A ship's bearing is 240°. If a submarine, due east of the ship, shoots a torpedo traveling 5 times as fast as the ship, what angle should the submarine fire the torpedo in order to hit the ship?


Problem Solving (Word Problem)

A plane, 50 miles away from its destination, is flying toward the airport at an altitude of 30,500 ft. Later, this same plane is 20 miles from the airport and has descended to an altitude of 18,000... more


use identities to find the value of each expression

If cos( pi/2 - Θ ) = -0.21, find sin( -Θ)


Problem Solving (Word Problem)

The number of hours of daylight on the summer solstice (the 172nd day of the year) is 15.3 and the number of hours of daylight on the winter solstice (the 355th day of the year) is 9.1. Complete... more


Trigonometric Function

Use the​ power-reducing formulas to rewrite the expression as an equivalent expression that does not contain powers of trigonometric functions greater than 1.17sin4x


Word Problem Solving

An 80-feet rope is attached to a boat 7 feet above the water level and a boy jumps over the wake while wakeboarding. What is the distance between his hands and the water level if the angle given is... more


Word Problem Solving

a jet airliner, flying initially at 300 mi/hr due east, suddenly enters a region where the wind is blowing 100 mi/hr, pushing the aircraft in the direction 30° north of east. what is the resultant... more


Solve equation, giving exact solutions which lie in [0, 2pi): tan2(x)=1-sec(x)

I got stuck in the middle of the problem. Here's how far I gottan2(x)=1-sec(x)tan2(x)+sec(x)-1=0sin2(x)/cos2(x)+1/cos(x)-1=0


Find the horizontal shift

what is the horizontal shift of this function? y=8.1(2+3cos(x-pi/2))


Problem Solving, Parallelograms

Two Adjacent Sides Of A Parallelogram Are 29' And 37", Respectively. The Angle Between These Two Sides Is 65° Find The Length Of C.


Area of Triangles Problem Solving

a painter needs to find the area of the gable end of a house. what is the area of the gable if it is a triangle with two sides of 42 ft that meet at a 105° angle? round to the nearest hundredth.


Half-Angle Formulas

Simplify for x in the third quadrant:(sin x/2-cos x/2)^2


Double Angle Formulas

Simplify:tan x sin 2x


Double-Angle Formulas

Find sin 2θ if θ is in the first quadrant and tan θ=40/9.


Sum and Difference Formulas

Express the following as a function of a single angle.tan145°+tan85°/1-tan145°tan85°


Sum & Difference Formulas

Express the following as a function of a single angle.tan(-34°)+tan(-110°)/1-tan(-34°)tan(-110°)


Sum & Difference Formulas

Find sin105° without using a calculator.


Sum and Difference Formulas

Express cos(60°)cos(-20°)-sin(60°)sin(-20°) as a function of a single angle.


Trig Question Thank You In Advance

Solve for x by factoring where pi/2 ≤ x ≤ pi.3 csc x cot^2 x = csc x


Trig Question, Solve For X

Solve for x where pi/2 ≤ x ≤ 3pi/2.- 4cos^2 x + 4sqrt(2) sin x + 6 = 0.When I did the problem I got 5pi/6, but I am not sure if that is correct.


Trig Question, Please Help If You Know How To Do The Problem

I keep having to ask for help with this lesson, so if you have time time and are able to help me, step-by-step would be a huge help. Find x where pi ≤ x ≤ 2pi. 4 cos^2 x - 2 = sec^2 x - tan^2 x


Trig Question, Help Needed Fast

find x where 0 ≤ x ≤ 2pi. cos x - tan^2 x=1. give your answers as a fraction ordered from least to greatest.
1 3 4 5 6 7 12

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