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Rewrite the complex number 8 ( cos 2.5 + i sin 2.5 ) in a + b i form

My struggle has been that I cannot understand how to find the exact value of cos and sin and the decimal I get from my calculator doesn't register as correct when I punch it in. If you could also... more


find cos(s+t) and cos(s-t) using cosine of a sum and cosine of a difference identities, if sin(s)=2/3 in quadrant 2 and sin (t)=-1/3 in quadrant 4

use sum and difference identities to find cos(s+t) and cos(s-t)

A person sitting on a Ferris wheel rises and falls as the wheel turns. Suppose that the person's height above ground is described by the following function.

h(t)= 21.7 + 19.2 cos 1.4tIn this equation, h(t) is the height above ground in meters, t is the time in minutes.Find the following. If necessary, round to the nearest hundredth.Period of h _... more

Calculus, horizontal tangent

For what values of x does the graph of f have a horizontal tangent? F(x)=x + 2sinxTake the derivative and set it equal to zero, right? I got f'=1+2cosx and set it equal to zero and got x=2pi/3, but... more


need help with understanding math problem

How is sin(x) = cos(x) the same as tan(x) = 1 and result in x = pi/4 ? Please give the steps to solve for x in sin(x) = cos(x). Thank you.


Determine exact solutions for each equation with the interval xe[0, 2pi]



How do I find the component form of a vector, given magnitude and angle?

For example: ||v|| = 9sqrt3 when drawn in standard position and makes a 60deg angle with the negative x-axis, and lies in quadrant 3


Prove: 1-(sin^2(theta)/(1+cos(theta)) = cos(theta)


Find the equation for a parabola that has a focus at (-2,3) and a directrix y=-3

I have been getting the answer X^2=12y based on the formula X^2=4py. Is this the correct formula I should be using?


Find the asymptotes of (( x − 5 )^2)/16 − (( y + 2 )^2)/9 = 1

Should be in the format y + (something) = +- (frac)(x + something) I keep getting an answer not listed, so I would love to see the process, thanks in advance!


Verify: (1+cos(2theta))/(sin(2theta)) = cot(theta)

I could not get them to equal each other, but I may have been going about it the wrong way


Find magnitude and angle for v=(sqrt3 , -1) with theta between 0 and 2pi

I came up with a ||v|| of 2 and theta = -1/sqrt3, can someone verify for me? Thanks!


Find the exact polar coordinates of the points of intersection of these polar equations: r=8sin(theta) and r=4csc(theta)

When I plot it on a graph I can see the points of intersection at (-4,4) and (4,4), But I can not seem to figure out how to solve this by hand.


Create a sine function in theta with an amplitude 1/3 , period pi/4 , and phase shift -pi/3

I came up with y=(1/3)sin(((2pi)/8)x - pi/3) . Could someone verify for me? thank you!


Find the exact value of cos(theta) if tan(theta)=-16/63 and theta is between 90 and 180 degrees

I came up with -63/65. Is this correct? Thanks!


If sin(theta)=-12/37 and theta is between pi and 3pi/2, find the exact value of sin(2theta)

What are the steps that I would take to solve this? I've been trying to come up with a conversion for a while and I am so lost!


solve for theta: 2cos(theta) + 2sin(theta) = sqrt6 with theta between 0 and 2pi

How do I solve this algebraically? Thanks!


Find ||2v-w|| if v=7i-5j and w=3i+2j

May be a simple way to solve but I can't figure it out for the life of me, thanks in advance!


Two straight roads diverge at an angle of 50°. Two cars leave the intersection at 2:00 P.M., one traveling at 36 mi/h and the other at 38 mi/h. How far apart are the cars at 2:30 P.M.?

Two straight roads diverge at an angle of 50°. Two cars leave the intersection at 2:00 P.M., one traveling at 36 mi/h and the other at 38 mi/h. How far apart are the cars at 2:30 P.M.? (Round your... more


Trigonometry: finding value of sin(a)

How to solve such problems:a) find sin(a), when tan(a/2)=4/3 and 0<(a/2)<(π/2)b) sin (4a), when tan(2a)=-2 and (π/2)<2a<π

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