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Past participle and changing endings with auxiliary verb "avere"?

I have read many times that the endings of the past participle doesn't change when used in conjunction with the auxiliary verb "avere". However I am increasingly noticing that is is not the case.... more
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Does the verb "scendere" need "avere" or "essere"?

I read a book (*Io non ho paura*, Niccolò Ammaniti) and I read a strange thing:> Gli occhi mi sono riempiti di lacrime, ho aperto la porta e ho sceso le scale.Why? Shouldn't it be "Sono... more
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Baciato vs Baciata?

Se devo dire che ho baciato una ragazza, cosa devo dire? 1. L'ho baciato 2. L'ho baciataIl primo mi sembra più corretto, perché sta per "ho baciato lei", però sento sempre dire il secondo.... more
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Why is the auxiliary 'avere', as opposed to 'essere', used when conjugating the verbs 'camminare' & 'viaggiare'?

As a rule, transitive verbs in Italian use the auxiliary *avere* (*ho camminato, avrò camminato*) when conjugating in any of the compound tenses. However, *camminare* & *viaggiare* are... more
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aver sceso le scale' versus 'essere sceso dalle scale'?

What's the difference between _credo di aver sceso le scale_ and _credo di essere sceso dalle scale_?
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Modal Verbs and Changes in Meaning?

I found a useful chart in Kinder & Saviani's 'Using Italian' reference book. It outlined different uses of modal verbs (dovere, potere, and volere) in different tenses and their impact on... more

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