Alesha V.

asked • 11/02/21

Question about Poetry

The poem, The Lovesong of J Alfred Prufrock was written:

a. as a sonnet

b. in stream of consciousness

c. in a fixed form

d. in a series of epithets

Elizabeth D.

Hello, Alesha. A good question. Before answering the question for you (I'm wondering if this is from a quiz, test or maybe homework assignment?), which answer do you think best fits the form of this poem? Are you familiar with all four types: sonnet, stream of consciousness, fixed, epithets? One website I like to use is Here you can find the poem in your question, as well as hundreds of others. They also have short biographies of poets, including T.S. Eliot, and articles on present and past poets. They even have a "Glossary of Poetic Terms" that you can find here: To answer your question, check the Glossary for "sonnet," "fixed form" and "epithet" and see if the descriptions you find help you figure out your question. The only one you won't find in their Glossary is "stream of consciousness." But you can find a definition here: Basically, stream of consciousness writing does not have any particular form. If after you check out the Glossary you are still having trouble, let me know!


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