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What made India pull out troops and return the captured territory at the end of 1971 Indo-Pak war?

Indian forces during 1971 had decimated the Pakistani troops in Eastern theater resulting in one of the largest post WWII surrender including 90,000 soldiers. While Pakistan was in a... more


Why did India release all Pakistani Soldiers captured during Indo Pak War 1965?

Why did India release all Pakistani Soldiers captured during Indo Pak War 1965. As India captured thousands of Pakistani Soldiers Why did Indian Govt. Release all?


Why didn't Pakistan try to wrest Kashmir from India in 1962 but tried to do so in 1965?

In 1962, India and China fought a war in a region east of Bhutan where the two countries shared a border. Am I right? And, in that war, the Indian army was totally outclassed by the Chinese,... more


Why does the government pose a Ban on things which have not been Scientifically proven to harm us?

A High Court bench of my country, on Oct 24, 2018, passed a law which asks telecom providers to block all pornographic websites. The 1961 international treaty Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs... more


What prevented the Indian Army to wrest Kashmir from Pakistan despite the UN Security Council's resolutions of 1948-49?

In August 1947, when the British partitioned their Indian colony into two countries of India and Pakistan, the state of Kashmir was being ruled by a Hari Singh one of whose ancestor, named Gulab... more


Why didn't the Pakistani military try to gain Kashmir from India in 1971 instead of launching an offensive in Rajesthan?

In the 1971 India-Pakistan war, while the Indian Army with the help of the Bengali guerillas were making inroads into East Pakistan, the Pakistan Army launched an offensive through the Rajesthan... more


How close were the living standards of India compared to England during the medieval period?

India, China and the African continent today are mostly associated with poverty in Europe, the US and so on. Looking at India specifically, did it during the medieval era share a similar standard... more


Is India moving towards capitalism?

These days we see the current government of India (led by the National Democratic Alliance) favoring and profiting Indian and foreign capitalists. Is India moving again towards the direction of... more


Why hasn't Indian Govt still taken a step to slow down the rate of population growth in India?

India as of now is the second largest country by population just after China. Although we have seen that China, despite being a lot bigger than India in every terms has taken effective steps in... more


Do I need to take the TOEFL Exam?

I studied in the US up until the 6th grade, came back to India, completed high school here and finished a bachelor degree in computer science here in India. All my education in India was completed... more


What was the most important accomplishment of Chandragupta?

I would like to know which one of these was Chandragupta's most important achievement A. uniting Aryan kingdoms into an empireB. spreading teachings that became BuddhismC. determining the number... more

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