Saori T.

asked • 11/29/13

I have a question about a practice test!! Why is the correct answer is A? I chose B.

Historically, as countries have developed industrially, they have undergone declines in death rates followed by declines in birth rates. Over time they have tended to move from rapid increases in population to slower increases, then to zero growth and finally to population decreases. The model which demographers use to help explain these changes in population growth is known as the demographic transition model. In order to properly appreciate the demographic transition model, it is necessary to understand two basic concepts: the crude birth rate(CBR)and the crude death rate(CDR)The CDR is determined by taking the number of births in a contrary in a given year and dividing it by the total population of the country and then multiplying the answer by one thousand. So, for example, the CBR of the United States in 2004 was 14(in other words there were 14 births per thousand living people in that year). CDR is worked out in a similar way. The CDR for the United States in 2004 was 8 per thousand. 

2, According to paragraph 1, what is useful about the demographic transition model?

A, It helps explain trends in population growth over time.

B, It can be used to measure birth and death rates.

C, It clarifies the causes of population increase.

D, It predicts the relative speed of population patterns.

Karen L.

Hi Saori, The correct answer can be identified in the phrase, use to help explain these changes in population growth. There are several clues to connect you the the correct answer. First, the question asks you - what is useful...? The keyword useful connects the question to the word use in the phrase above. You are being asked about the use of the DTM. Second, the word changes, relates to the word trend in the answer choice. Third, the words explain and population growth connect answer choic A to this phrase. There is no clear statement or paraphrase in this passage that tells you the DTM is used to measure birth and death rates. This is a TOEFL factual information question type and the answer to this type of question will usually be directly stated in the passage. It will have the same meaning as the correct answer choice, but use differnt words. It won't be inferred or indirectly stated. So, the strategy is to clearly understand the question and then, connect the clues.


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Naina B. answered • 11/30/13

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Saori T.

Thank you, Naina!! 
It makes sense, since DTM includes measuring CDR and CBR in a given population in a precise period of time. "A " gives readers more precise details about DTM. Thank you!!


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