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Its and "it's" - how to remember?

What is a good mnemonic rule that an English learner can use to remember the difference between **its** (possessive adjective: *a team has started its lunch*) and **it's** (verb: *it's raining*)?


How can I remember the difference between "lay" and "laid"?

I often confuse *lay* and *laid*. For instance, in selecting the appropriate word in these contexts:> She lay/laid a hand on his arm. He lay/laid across the bench lazily. We lay/laid down... more

Is there a trick to remembering 'llevar' and 'traer'?

After years of living in a Spanish-speaking country, and speaking mostly only Spanish all day, I still struggle with 'llevar' and 'traer'. The rules are clear and all, but it is just very difficult... more

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