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I have a question about a practice test!! Why is the correct answer is D? I choose A.

The idea that life did not originate on Earth, but was carried here either deliberately or by natural processes, has its roots at least as far back as the Ancient greeks This idea, often referred to as panspermia, took on a scientific from in the work of various nineteenth-century authors. It later gained widespread popular appeal through the work of the Swedish chemist Svante Arrhenius, who argued that spores of life could survive in space and travel between star systems through the pressure of solar radiation. 
1.Early supporters of the panspermia hypothesis
A.rejected the main elements of the hypothesis
B. argued that some primitive life has been detected on a comet.
C. pointed out that space missions will find life elsewhere.
D. suggested that the "seeds" of life may have been deliberately  planted. 

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I agree with Michael, Saori.  It is highly unlikely that "supporters" of a theory would reject its main elements.  To do so would mean that they weren't really supporters after all.  As for option B., how would the ancient people or even Svante Arrhenius himself detect that life on a comet?  And I seriously doubt that the ancient people or Arrhenius speculated about space travel, ruling out option C.
The correct answer is D.


Thank you, william!! I understand that "rejected the main elements of the hypothesis" is incorrect. It is because, the reading explains " deliberately or by natural processes", isn't it? Thank you again!!
You are kind, Saori, very, very kind.  I can't tell you how much your kind words mean to me.  Happy Thanksgiving my friend!
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"May" have been deliberately planted is one of the two possibilities given:
"carried here either deliberately or by natural processes".
A. assumes that the "main elements of the hypothesis" were mentioned. They were not.
The ancient Greeks were confused about many things, including irrational numbers.