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is to + verb, "was to" + verb?

I've got a sentence that I can't quite well understand. My problem in the sentence is the "were to play" part.How does it change the meaning of the sentence? Does it mean that this was an action in... more
Phrasal Verbs Toefl Syntax


Is there a general rule for Verb + Preposition/Particle idioms, such as "come across"?

Composite verbs are giving me a lot of trouble. In German the syntax is simple; if the composite verb has the moving part, it goes to the end. But in English I've found many forms and I'm not sure... more
Phrasal Verbs Grammar


Why "go off", as in "alarm went off"?

I was wondering why does something _goes off_, when it in fact does the opposite - _bomb goes off_ - it blows up - _alarm goes off_ - it turns on Why not _goes on_?

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