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Application Html Web Design Php


I want to create App

Hello Sir and Madam I purchased and modified A PhP ( Laravel Scripts) .I wan to Create app of that Please Help me.I Created Frontend Of App in Flutter But I don't Know How to Connect My PHP Script... more
Application College Sat College Essay


How can I write a great college essay / personal statement?

How do I start writing, and what makes a good university application essay stand out?


Use logs and exponents to solve application problem

If 100 dollars is invested into an account making 3 percent annual interest compounded monthly. How long until the account contains 135 dollars? Round to the nearest tenth of a year.
Application Algebra 1


11 times the sum of eight and a number is 30. What is the number?

It needs to be written as an integer or a reduced fraction


Why does a post-doc fellowship application ask where else do I apply?

I'm applying for a post-doc fellowship, and one thing that confused me is that they ask for:> Names of other fellowships for which you are now applyingI have no problem with including them, but... more


Research proposal for postdoc applications?

I am a final year PhD student in Physics applying for postdoc. Usually institutes ask for statement of research in postdoc applications. But one of them asks for a research proposal (less than two... more

Disclosure of history of depression?

I have studied for eight years at University and have at the moment achieved a masters degree in Mathematics. During my first 4-5 years or so, I suffered on and off from depressions and my... more

First impressions: CV or research statement?

When hiring PhD students, what document is used most frequently for a 'first impression': the CV or the research statement/statement of purpose?Context: I am currently in the process of applying to... more

Is it usual to ask for several references for postdoc positions?

I have seen postdoc job adverts which were asking for as many as three recommendation letters, despite being supervised positions and inviting freshly graduated PhD students. Is this practice... more

Should the length of a research statement and a teaching statement be the same?

I am applying to a faculty position that emphasizes both research and undergraduate teaching. The application asks for a research statement and a teaching statement.I realize that both documents... more


Postdoctoral job search: freedom?

As I'm currently pursuing an academic job search (in parallel to the industry one), which includes potential postdoctoral positions, I would appreciate some clarifications on the following... more


How to obtain an evidence of teacher effectiveness when I never was evaluated?

I have spent my career working in the field and have recently been approached to teach some classes that are specific to what I do. I have been asked to turn in an “evidence of teacher... more

How to handle letters of recommendation requirements in this situation?

I'm wondering about the best way to handle the following situation. Some time ago I've asked my then-potential referees about possibility to become my reference sources and they kindly agreed,... more


How to frame/explain that I built datasets used on several publications, but I'm not on the papers?

I was wondering how I could frame/explain in my CV that I built the datasets used in several publications outside of my field. I'm in the health sciences but have worked for a couple social science... more


Co-authors/PIs in a grant are misrepresenting their CVs. Any suggested actions?

I am currently part of a larger and quite broad in terms of expertise research group that is preparing a proposal for a grant / research center. Part of the proposal is a summary of the CVs for the... more

What should a student do, when a professor delays submitting his letter of recommendation?

I'm applying to Stanford, which requires 2 letters of recommendation from teachers, due in 2 days.Both teachers have known about this since mid-September, but one of them hasn't submitted his... more
Application Gre Toefl Publications


which one have more importance to US PhD program? TOEFL and GRE or publication records?

I have got my BS and master both with honor with good GPAs. But Now I want to know which of these have more importance to US PhD program in Computer engineering. TOEFL and GRE or publication... more


Is it OK to submit the same post-doctoral fellowship application two years in a row?

Last year, I submitted a post-doctoral fellowship application but didn't get it. This year, I thought about submitting basically the same research statement; slightly updated and refined, but... more

Can we just send the same two recommendation letters to every colleges? And will I be able to look at what was written in each recommendation letter?

I'm a French student planning to go study in the United States.Most colleges in the United States seem to ask for two recommendation letters from our professors.Can we just send the same two... more

What makes a transcript official vs. unofficial?

What really determines whether a transcript is official or unofficial? (I am wondering mainly in the context of US high schools and colleges.) - Is it entirely about the process by which it is... more
Application Gre Toefl United States


Scores expired but with work experiences in English speaking countries?

If one wants to apply for grad school in the USA, and one's TOEFL, IELTS, GRE scores all expired, but one has all the following experiences able to prove ones' English proficiency: one did an... more
Application College Counseling Cv


If asked to provide separate list of publications in addition to CV, should CV still include list of publications?

I am applying for an assisstant professor position, and asked to provide a CV, as well as a separate list of publications. Should I still keep a "publications" section in the CV, or refer to the... more


How much depth should I have into a topic before I can claim it to be one of my research interests?

I have been applying to Ph.D. programs in bioinformatics and have already gotten interview invitations from a few of them. My background is mainly on the computational side but I am interested in... more
Application Gre Toefl United States


Likelihood of Master's application being rejected due to obsolete GRE, TOEFL, IELTS scores?

For those who submit obsolete GRE, TOEFL, or IELTS scores (good scores), how likely is it for the admissions committee to reject/throw away the applications due to this? Will they instead review... more


Should I include research stays in my CV?

During my PhD I was invited three times by two researchers to stay and do research in their lab, one week at a time. I'm now a postdoc and applying to tenured jobs in Europe (yay). Should I include... more

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