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Spanish | What are the preterite conjugations of the verb "HACER"?

What are all of the conjugations of the verb "HACER"? How would you write them? Please include vosotros form.


When do I use past tense and past participle?

It can be tricky to know which one to use when talking about situations that already happened. How can you figure out the difference?


How do I know when to use the Preterite tense vs. Imperfect tense?

Both of these tenses relate to the past and, often times, both translate very similarly into English, making it difficult to distinguish the appropriate usage of each.
Past Tense Grammar Tenses


How do I say "now it holds" in past tense?

I'm writing a short story, and came across a weird grammar issue. Here's a simplified snippet:>The holding cell was spacious, originally intended to hold a dozen prisoners. But **now it held** a... more


My boss was furious with me and I have been fired vs. "My boss was furious with me and I was fired"?

I have a question and I hope you can help me. I've been learning English for many years but I'm still struggling with the difference between simple past and present perfect.For example this... more


What one should reply to - "Can I talk to Jeremy?"?

> **Situation** I receive a call caller asked me;" Can I talk to Jeremy?" What is correct reply and What should I respond to this situation with. > 1. *he has gone for lunch.* > 2. *he... more
Past Tense Writing Tenses


I'd the house to myself Is this incorrect?

"I'd the house to myself." Since "I'd" can be a contraction of I had, would it work in this case for "I had the house to myself?"
Past Tense Grammar


How would you describe the semantic phenomenon that allows this joke?

Groucho Marx had a joke that's long been a favorite of mine: > I've had a wonderful time; this wasn't it. I assume he's using the present perfect to say *I've had a wonderful time.* But, when... more
Past Tense Italian Verbs


Qual è l'uso corretto dei tempi verbali in queste frasi?

Ho scritto questa frase: "Mio padre, per primo, strinse amicizia con voi e l'ha protratta fino alla fine della vita". Ma è corretto l'uso del passato prossimo ("ha protratta") nella seconda frase... more
Past Tense Italian Verbs


When does passato prossimo become passato remoto?

I have searched past questions but cannot find an answer. Now I have reached a point in my learning when I am brave enough to use more then the present tense. I am confused about the difference... more
Past Tense Italian Verbs Tenses


Variation with 2nd conjugation verbs in the passato remoto in the io, lui and loro forms?

In studying the passato remoto one notes immediately the variation on the 2nd conjugation (-ere stem) verbs in the io, lui/lei, loro forms. For example a verb like ***credere*** is conjugated:>... more
Past Tense


do you use did with past form of verb?

For example, "He did not know what he said would get him in trouble". Or "I did not know what I said would become a quote one day"

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