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Easiest way to stitch GoPro videos that have been split due to length?

I am recording 15-minutes videos with my GoPro Hero 3 Black edition. The camera starts a new file every 10 minutes of recording by default. I do not think I can change this in a setting.When I do... more

Compare an original video with a transferred video?

I want to compare an original video with the same video but transferred through a device. How can I do that? I want to compare them to improve the transferred video quality.The video is transferred... more

How to copy all editing steps (not just settings) In Lightroom?

Is there a way to copy the editing steps from one image and paste them to another image in Lightroom, rather than simply copy/pasting the settings?I use a number of presets in Lightroom. When... more


Is there search software for text that contains specific words?

To give an example. Here is a list of suggested words and phrases which students should learn. http://ncp.ge/en/inglisuri-ena/datskebiti-safekhuri-done-i-ii-iii-iv-di-dii-diii-div I'm looking for... more


How can I export reduced resolution RAW files from Lightroom?

I read that in Lightroom 4 is possible to export reduced resolution raw files.Does anybody know how to do it?


How can I speed up Lightroom when working with files on a NAS?

Are there any settings in Lightroom that help make the experience working with files stored on a NAS (and accessed over WiFi) any better?----------I know that the bottleneck is the speed of WiFi... more


Do You Use Any Version Controlling Software/Methods As Writers?

As writers, do you use any version controlling software to track and monitor what you write? For example, if you accidentally deleted or overwritten a paragraph that you'd like to have it... more

Looking for a high level Music Programming language?

I'm looking for a high-level programming language. I did some googling and found a number of examples (some summarized here http://users.soe.ucsc.edu/~sasha/proj/musicpaper.pdf) but haven't found... more


How to prevent these automatic changes to images that are imported into Lightroom?

When I open images in Lightroom for the first time, during the loading process I see images that look "great", but after a while Lightroom applies some automatic processing to these images that... more


How to reference or calculate the percentage pitch change between two notes?

I'm building an arpeggiator software. So to start off I have a note for a piano sample, call it 'piano-base-note.mp3'. and I have a script to increase / decrease the pitch of an mp3 file by some... more

What is a good freeware MIDI editor for minor changes running on Windows?

I compose music on my CVP-501. I record the tracks on a MIDI (.mid) file and record them as a wave (.wav) file. However, being human, I make mistakes. Plus, my setup for recording could be a lot... more

How can I import multiple cards into Lightroom simultaneously?

Photographers with more than one camera body, or who use several cards in a session, would benefit greatly from being able to import from more than one card into Lightroom without having to start... more


How do I export JPEGs from Lightroom without the grey/black box around each picture?

How do I export JPEGs from Lightroom without the grey/black box around each picture?This is really frustrating me. I know there has to be a way to do this.


How can I find the nearest point on the coast from an ocean location?

Given some location of interest $X$ in a lake or in the ocean with known lat and lon, I'd like to find the lat and lon of the coastal location that is closest to $X$, as well as distance between... more

Do the skills of a software developer transfer well into working in computer security or white hat hacking?

I am conflicted. I want to become a software developer but I am also interested in the networking side of things… Is software development and network security 2 whole different beasts? If they are,... more

Is Lilypond actively developed? Will the format become obsolete?

## Developmental state of LilyPond The official homepage has a [notice](http://lilypond.org/sponsoring.html) that reads "Since no developer currently is listed for commercial development, your... more


How can I turn off Lightroom's backup notice?

I only use Lightroom for photo manipulation — I don't want or need the catalog feature. Nonetheless, Lightroom repeatedly pesters me with messages asking me to back the catalog up.How do I disable... more


What is the function of the tint slider in Lightroom?

In Adobe Photoshop Lightroom (c) there's a Temp slider **which controls the color temperature of the photo**. To the left it creates a blue, cold looking image. To the right, an orange, warm image.... more


What is the best way to synchronize Adobe Lightroom databases between two computers?

What is the best way to synchronize Adobe Lightroom databases between two computers (a desktop and a laptop)?I'd like to be able to edit photos on either machine, and preferably not copy the whole... more


How can I force Lightroom to render previews for my collection?

When you import, you have the option (I just discovered 5 minutes ago) to have Lightroom render 1:1 previews. That makes it much easier to just quickly flip through a bunch of images, because it... more

Emulating human performance in orchestral software?

I recently bought *Garritan Personal Orchestra* and find it a great tool to get professional-sounding orchestral renders of my scores. However, I feel a certain lack of "human" playing in it, i.e.,... more

How do I move Picks from a Collection to a Folder in Lightroom 3?

On one of the rare occasions I've used Lightroom Collections, I found myself wanting to transfer the Pick/Reject info from the Collection back to the main Folder the photos are in. Picks are... more

How does Darktable compare to Adobe Lightroom for editing JPEGs?

I mostly modify JPG images taken from my Nikon camera. How does Darktable compare to Adobe Lightroom for this purpose?

What exactly does Tone Curve do in Lightroom?

In simple terms, what does Tone Curve in LR actually do?. I can see the results of changing Tone Curve by playing around with it, but I don't really understand scientifically what it actually does.... more


How do I select an area with an exact width and height in Photoshop?

I want to select part of a photo I'm editting in Photoshop. This area is exactly 340 x 210. How do I do that with say the select tool?

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