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Resource Request English Esl/esol


Is there search software for text that contains specific words?

To give an example. Here is a list of suggested words and phrases which students should learn. I'm looking for... more
Resource Request Arabic Online Resources


Any resources for examples of interlinear gloss for Classical Arabic/MSA?

I tried googling and asking on reddit but I got nothing.
Resource Request Arabic Online Resources


Are there any equivalent of in Arabic?

I am looking for a website that is equivalent of oxforddictionaries, you see it gives all of the meanings of a word with example sentencesAre there... more
Resource Request Arabic Corpora


Is there a corpus of Arabic text that doesn't include quotations of the Quran?

I want to search such a corpus to determine the commonality or in other terms the frequency of use of the word Quran القرآن in comparison to The Generous Quran القرآن الكريم. But the condition is... more
Resource Request Arabic Roots


Learning Arabic through roots?

I am currently trying to learn Arabic but think that instead of learning vocabulary piece by piece, it would be better to learn the root consonants for nouns, adjectives and verbs and rules for... more

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