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What are best practices for using Lightroom libraries?

How do you organize your Lightroom library (libraries)? Since I am a casual photographer, I have a single huge library with all my photos in it. Then I create smart collections to be able to find my photos faster.For instance, I have a smart collection named *Trips* with the places I have been under it as sub-collections. Some of these photos are also tagged as *Family*, which is another collection.My concern is that in a few years this collection will grow so much that the software will not perform so well anymore. But, if I split my libary into many libraries, I will have to hunt for the photos I am looking for.What is your approach?---*>> Also asked by Igor Oks >>***How do you use catalogs in Lightroom?**Or perhaps, how do you organize your photos in Lightroom 3?I got a feeling that the way I do it is not very convenient. The flow that I do on every new set of photos is: 1. Copy the photos from the camera to a new folder on the HD (e.g. to C:\\Photos\\Bobs_bday_2010). 2. Create a New Catalog, and save it to the same directory where the photos are. 3. Import all photos from the directory to this catalog.Does it make sense? Should I use catalogs for photos organization, or should I rather use something else? Should I create a new catalog for each new set of photos, and where to save all these catalogs?Thank you!

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Mark T. answered • 03/14/19

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