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please can you check my answers to these questions regarding RStudio?

Which of the following must be part of each layer in a ggplot2 object? There may be more than one correct answer. limits grouping variable(s) facet tick aesthetic... more


 file deleteIthNode.cpp so that it finishes the implementation of the method deleteIthNode. This method deletes the ith item from a list of items. #include "structs.h"//Function to delete the ith... more


How do i finish the implementation of the method insertInOrder.

This method appends the record 'newData' into the correct sorted position in the linked list. If the list is empty, make the new node the head node of the list (i.e., have the head pointer point... more
Programming Java Oop


Java Programming Language

java Programming1. Design a class named Employee_Salary that contains:• A String data field named name representing the name of the employee.• A String data field named position representing the... more
Programming Computer Science


Algorithm to get the longest Palindrome substring output from a table of size n

The Longest Palindrome Substring, produces a table L [i, j] where L [i, j] is defined as 1 if the substring s [i, j] is a palindrome, and 0 otherwise. The table dimensions are n × n. Using the... more
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What are the mistakes in this code, using R studio?

 the statistician decides to use the processed dataset to calculate the mean DNA damage for each combination of conditions defined by cancer cell line, anti-cancer agent and concentration. There... more

Adjust list by normalizing

When analyzing data sets, such as data for human heights or for human weights, a common step is to adjust the data. This adjustment can be done by normalizing to values between 0 and 1, or throwing... more


Introduction to programming help (Java)

A Small supermarket employs workers who are paid every week in hourly bases according to one of the following three rates (depending on their positions). [Postion Type] [Position Name] [Hours Rate... more


Computer science programming question please??

Write a segment of pseudocode to prompt the user for their name, and then output:'Hello *your name here*, welcome to Comp. Sci 112' -Make sure you give the user a prompt to answer-Make sure you... more



Agile Programming – For Your Family Describe the cutting-edge program that is referred to as Agile Development. How does it work and what are some of the benefits in a workplace setting? How does... more
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Critical Thinking Questions Chloe is creating the software requirements specifications (SRS) for a project. The project is a web app that allows students to manage and track all of their college... more


I don't know how to to code this

Good day. I was hopin if you could help me with this java code that includs a priorityqueue and a scanner. I can't seem to produce an output that make you print the priorityqueue one by one, it... more
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I want to create App

Hello Sir and Madam I purchased and modified A PhP ( Laravel Scripts) .I wan to Create app of that Please Help me.I Created Frontend Of App in Flutter But I don't Know How to Connect My PHP Script... more
Programming C++ Coding


Can I return a string?

#include <Windows.h>#include <iostream>#include <string>using namespace std;int main(){string func1();{string response;cout << "Hello World!" << endl;getline(cin,... more


Check whether the number is divisible by the multipliers of two and the rest of integers, java multithreading

I am trying to find the largest factor of a number (except than itself) by using multipleThreads in JAVA. the template for the code is ready but I don't know what to put in the missing methods. the... more


Please help with coding problem

Hello,I have a question about a java code. I have to write a program where i'll enter a String value as a variable “word”: “blahblahblah” then create a method that is called “showPairs(String... more


Help needed with code

I am struggling with a Java coding problem. How can I write an application that allows a user to enter any number of student quiz scores, as integers, until the user enters 99. If the score entered... more


Why is signed char 0xff = -1?

I don't understand it very well.


Describe the difference between Selection, Bubble and Insertion Sort

Describe the difference between Selection, Bubble and Insertion Sort


Explore how Bubble sort works and how it is different from the insertion and selection sort.

Explore how Bubble sort works and how it is different from the insertion and selection sort.

program that counts from 1 through 100, and prints “D3” if the number is evenly divisible by 3

Write a C++ program that counts from 1 through 100, and prints “D3” if the number is evenly divisible by 3, “D5” if it’s evenly divisible by 5, “D3&5” if it’s even divisible by three and five,... more
Programming Python


Python animation game

Using python, if I wanted to make two shapes interact with each other, how would I do that?I am trying to make a simple game from scratch using if/elif/else. What I have done so far is created a... more

Is my thought process for a big-o question correct?

For this question:Approximate the runtime of the following code fragment, in terms of n: Write you answers in a format such as O(N^2) or O(N log N):int sum = 0;for (int i = 1; i <= n; i++) { ... more
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Please help with Java code

How can I define a for loop for the following output:1+2 = 32+3 = 54+5 = 98+9 = 1716+17 = 3332+33 = 6564+65 = 129any help would be very appreciated

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