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Adobe Premiere Pro CC - Crop a video and export at the exact cropped size?

I have a video that has 4 up-down-left-right black borders of different sizes. I want to get rid of these black borders so the exported file has the exact size of the cropped area.To do this, I... more


What are the pink and purple lines in InDesign?


How do I remove night footage from 300 days of Time lapse video?

I want to remove night footage from a Timelapse video of construction over 300 days. So I want to remove 300 nights from this video. How do I do it in an easier way? Is there a option to cut video... more


Is there is any advantage using Adobe InDesign?

Adobe Java Indesign


How to create our own plugins in adobe indesign?

I want to create my own plugin, Is there any tutorial available. I want to do it in java. Thanks in Advance.


Is Adobe Photoshop worth the money?

I am starting to invest a little more money into my photography business. I've gone from a hobbyist to being asked to take professional shots, so I have the lights and other equipment. I'm... more

Why does editing a video by Adobe Premiere Pro more than once decreases its quality?

For example: On first edit, I decreased the speed of video and saved it. Then again I imported it and made some other changes, like brightness adjustment, and saved. When I check the final file,... more
Adobe Dreamweaver


Increase size of my code font - DWCS5?

I'm trying to do something pretty basic here. I just want to make the font of my code larger so I can see it better. How do I do that? Thanks!


Why do my image colors look drastically different in Photoshop than Lightroom on two calibrated monitors?

I am using Lightroom 5 and Photoshop CS5. I have two monitors, both are calibrated, (one is a better screen and more precise but they are very close.) When LR is open I can drag it from one screen... more


How to move Lightroom catalog to a new drive?

I use adobe Lightroom for all my photos and I am constantly running into space issues. I have been told not to move my Lightroom files by several individuals. Why is that? Surely there must be a... more


What is the difference in making adjustments to a RAW file in Adobe CameraRaw and Adobe Photoshop?

I have two post-processing choices for the RAW (.NEF) files: 1. After the RAW file opens in CameraRaw, **make** the adjustments to the image and open it as an Object in Adobe Photoshop, so that I... more


LR Edit in PS, edited image does not show in LR?

I was having an issue with Lightroom CC 2015 freezing and found the suggestion about changing the useAutoBahn setting to false, which I did and indeed the freezing seems to have stopped. But now an... more


How does the usual jpeg 0-100 quality settings translate into Photoshop's 0-12 quality setting?

JPEG encoders usually use a quality setting of 0-100, whereas Adobe photo software uses a 0-12 setting. Does anyone know how to convert between these? (I am actually not clear on whether the... more


Gapless audio in video?

It's possible to produce mp4/webm videos without sound that loop seamlessly, but if you add sound to the video with matching length it adds a noticeable stutter at the end, even if the audio is... more


Is Photosop slowing/crashing on my box a workflow issue or a computer issue?

It's been about 3-4 months that I jumped into professional photography/photo-editing. And I love it this new skill I'm acquiring. The only issue is I am strongly frustrated by my photo-editing... more


Lightroom "edit in Photoshop" save issues?

I am very new to Lightroom and Photoshop. I have been working on a set of images in Lightroom, occasionally using the "Edit in Photoshop" feature. Usually, once I'm done in Photoshop, I click... more


What can you do with Lightroom catalog files if Adobe stops support for Lightroom?

What can you do with Lightroom catalogs if Adobe shuts down support for Lightroom? Is there any other software compatible with Lightroom catalogs? I don't have Lightroom, this is one of the things... more


What is the difference between Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom?

I have been using Adobe Photoshop for years. I even use Illustrator for vector work from time to time. Then along came Adobe bridge and it seems to be an attempt at a better way to browse, sort,... more

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