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How to do the same crop on a batch of photos?

I've got a batch of photos (an owl coughing up a pellet in case you're curious). I want to make an animated GIF out of them, but the result would be improved if they were all given an identical... more


How can I speed up Lightroom when working with files on a NAS?

Are there any settings in Lightroom that help make the experience working with files stored on a NAS (and accessed over WiFi) any better?----------I know that the bottleneck is the speed of WiFi... more


How to cut a large photo into a grid of smaller photos automatically in Photoshop?

Is there a way, maybe a script, that would help me cut an image into say 50 images? I have a massive panorama I would like to print on normal stock photo paper and I am using Photoshop. The output... more
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What were the requirements to being a photographer 15 years ago?

Hi I am curious about photography's history and I'm just wondering what were the requirements to become a photographer 15 years ago? I know that nowadays you need to take a special course, have... more


Why high contrast increases color saturation?

Thing is simple: when I increase contrast (both with contrast slider, or with S-curve) in Lightroom/Photoshop, a saturation of the color is also increases on the photo. And vice versa: when I... more


Can't open TIFF in camera raw/Nik Color EFX?

I'm editing a picture of the beach I shot and it has a few adjustment layers. I wanted to save it and then open it in Color EFX to make other adjustments (detail enhancer etc.) and in Camera RAW to... more


How do I convert multiple JPG images to PNG at once in Photoshop?

I have a folder that has lot of **JPG** files. Now I want to convert all of them into **PNG** files. I searched on YouTube but didn't understand the methods. Further they weren't efficient as they... more


Is Adobe Photoshop worth the money?

I am starting to invest a little more money into my photography business. I've gone from a hobbyist to being asked to take professional shots, so I have the lights and other equipment. I'm... more

Is it possible to remove the projectors lighting that's imprinted on the staff members?

As you can see display screen is imprinted on the faces of around 5 members. I was wondering whether it is possible to remove the lighting. Either through clone stamp, feathering or any other... more


How to batch generate preview for multiple versions of filters/layers applied for the same image in Photoshop?

Recently I'm experimenting a lot with postproduction, to look for some new style. I find it very tedious to check out various combinations of adjustment layers (also with various opacity), blending... more
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Indoor office pictures Canon 100D?

I took a number of pictures inside my office (without flash and with tripod) and depending on my position in respect to the large windows, picture luminosity varies a lot. Before publishing them,... more

Lightroom 4 slow to render in Develop mode; what part(s) of my PC is/are dogging it?

I made the jump from Picasa to LR4 and switched to shooting RAW in the process.The software boost did not come with a PC boost, but I didn't think it would be necessary; my machine seems adequate... more
Photo Editing Adobe Photoshop Photoshop


How to reduce size of a jpeg image in Photoshop?

I'm trying to reduce the size of my photo. I have tried all solutions given on this website. My current image size is 159 KB and I have to reduce to 10 KB with 5L x 3.6w.


How to enable Adobe Camera Raw in Photoshop?

The `Adobe Camera Raw` filter is greyed out, how do I enable it? I am using `Adobe Photoshop CC 2015`. I have a JPG file that I opened up in the Photoshop editor. In the layers panel I right... more


take two shots, one for low frequency, one for high, and then combine?

I do have to take pictures in a low light environment, where part of the assignment is to capture the naturally present light. (its a chill-lounge sauna) I *could* get higher ISO, and wider... more


How can I subtly blur brands in photos?

In the past I've seen scenes in documentaries containing a branded product which (I assume) didn't pay for product placement, so somehow they manage to subtly blur out its label in post production.... more

Can I change gaussian blur radius during FS on already applied areas?

I'm trying to master retouch technique `Frequency Separation`, I applied `Gaussian Blur` radius 10 but now I see that it's toomuch for my image, when I change it to lower number it's not affecting... more


How did photographers touch up photographs before the invention of Adobe Photoshop?

Photoshop is very popular for retouch pictures taken by photographers. But how did photographers touch up photographs before the invention of Adobe Photoshop?


Should I horizontally flip a client's portrait?

I have a corporate client for whom I did a shoot earlier this week. They complained that all the portraits were of the team members facing the same way and they like to do composite images of the... more


How to convert JPEG to RAW in Photoshop or similar?

I am having a competition in which I have to submit images in RAW format. But I have already clicked some images with **Nikon D3200** in JPEG.Is there any way to convert **JPEG to RAW format** in... more


Better ways of vectorizing photos than Illustrator's Trace?

Are there any better ways of vectorizing photos than Illustrator's Trace? I don't have one of them Wacom boards so I can't really do this by hand.


How can I create a copy of a image that carries my edits within Lightroom Classic CC?

I'm using a workflow within Lightroom Classic CC that I don't believe to be optimal. What I do sometimes to achieve the results that I want is to make some ajustments within Lightroom, fixing... more
Photo Editing Adobe Photoshop Photoshop


Content-Aware option not showing on Photoshop cs3?

I want to remove unwanted images from my main image using Photoshop CSS3. I found content-aware technique to deal with issue. However when I am opening fill option from edit menu its not showing... more

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