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Workflow Drawing Sketching


Going from gesture sketching to a final drawing?

I'm trying to understand the process of going from initial gesture sketches to a completed drawing. Most of the instruction I've seen talks about the gesture phase and the late detail phase but... more


How to batch process hundreds of videos?

I have hundreds of videos in storage I need to distribute online. I'd like to do the following for each clip:1. Add a pre-roll video2. Process the audio (audio leveling, generic hiss/noise... more


Efficient workflows for handing off designs to developers?

I work as a UX/UI designer for my company's web sites. After I make the designs, I send the mockups to web developers, who implement them. It's a little more collaborative than that, but that's... more


Best file format workflow for Final Cut Pro 7 on Maveriks?

i am having problems exporting my project in Final Cut Pro 7.All the clips i am working on are mov in h.264.I want to export correctly a master file, that will be converted in web format, hd...... more


How to best manage photos with Lightroom?

I recently started taking RAW photos and purchased Lightroom 3 to manage them. So far I have not found the ideal way to manage them. Here's basically how my workflow goes: 1. Import the RAW files... more


How to properly deal with lens distortion in Sony NEX RAW files?

I have a Sony NEX6 camera and when using the 16-50 kit lens the photos shot in RAW has a lot of distortions. You either have to let the camera correct it using jpeg or you are expected to use... more

Best practice to track procedural image creation?

I often create a collection of images in Illustrator or Photoshop which require a specific sequence of manual steps in order to maintain a similar appearance across a series.Actions or scripts... more


Effective working at audio/video editing sessions (avoid fatigue making steady progress)?

**Background**I've just completed an editing project to produce video highlights of an awards evening for my local community radio station. It was a voluntary non-paid project and I'm very pleased... more


Preparing enlargements of raw pictures for professional printing?

If one is having large prints made by a professional printer (say, 3' square or more), does one... (1) ...take care of the enlargement in Photoshop (upsampling to necessary dpi in raw before... more


Which is best as part of a fast workflow: Picasa, Lightroom, Photoshop or other?

Im looking to expand on my workflow after a shoot. Today my workflow consists of moving images from my SD card to my computer, using Picasa in a very basic d way... (Crop, im feeling lucky and... more


Is Photosop slowing/crashing on my box a workflow issue or a computer issue?

It's been about 3-4 months that I jumped into professional photography/photo-editing. And I love it this new skill I'm acquiring. The only issue is I am strongly frustrated by my photo-editing... more


Best way to send layouts with editable text to writers/editors who don't have design software?

Here's a common design workflow problem, probably most relevant to in-house designers, but also to agencies who have a lot of non-design writing or research staff, or freelancers who work with... more


What benefit does Lightroom 3 offer over Photoshop + Bridge?

I've been happily using Photoshop and Bridge to manage and edit my digital photos. I'm aware that Lightroom 3 was recently released, and decided to take a look at it, since Lightroom has been... more


What are the benefits of using Collections in Adobe Lightroom?

I use Lightroom a lot (and love it), but I don't use Collections at all, instead just preferring to keep photos in folders, and then tag/flag/pick within that. People often rave about Collections,... more

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