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How to copy all editing steps (not just settings) In Lightroom?

Is there a way to copy the editing steps from one image and paste them to another image in Lightroom, rather than simply copy/pasting the settings?I use a number of presets in Lightroom. When... more


How to do a selective darkening of part of a photo in Lightroom?

I have a photo that has quite a distracting corner: if you divide it by the rule of thirds it's bit less than half of the bottom right corner.Can I use Lightroom to darken that corner? I don't... more


How to enhance details (like freckles) in Lightroom?

I searched over the web but all pages offers solutions via Photoshop. Is there a way to do it in Lightroom or is PS the only solution? I'd think something like levels would help, but there are no... more


How do I achieve these golden/reddish Indian wedding effects using Lightroom 3?

I have been playing with various options, tried various tutorials.. but I never get the post processed image I am looking for.Tried using ligthroom presets, but the result is always a very... more


Can I apply colour tone curves before black and white processing in Lightroom?

I realise the answer to this is probably "no", but it seems worth asking. Is there a way to affect the order in which the various processing steps are applied in Lightroom? And specifically, is... more


Why high contrast increases color saturation?

Thing is simple: when I increase contrast (both with contrast slider, or with S-curve) in Lightroom/Photoshop, a saturation of the color is also increases on the photo. And vice versa: when I... more


Editing/ viewing images across different devices?

I have a monitor that has been calibrated and renders colors correctly (or at least close to it). I use it to edit my photos, which I'm happy with the results. When I upload the final image online... more


What exactly does Tone Curve do in Lightroom?

In simple terms, what does Tone Curve in LR actually do?. I can see the results of changing Tone Curve by playing around with it, but I don't really understand scientifically what it actually does.... more


How can I mitigate edge halo when darkening skies in post-processing?

I process all my photos to black and white. Although I use a polariser where possible, I often find myself wanting to drop the luminance of the sky further which I do using a Black and White... more


How to batch generate preview for multiple versions of filters/layers applied for the same image in Photoshop?

Recently I'm experimenting a lot with postproduction, to look for some new style. I find it very tedious to check out various combinations of adjustment layers (also with various opacity), blending... more


How do I get rid of shiny skin with Lightroom?

For photos taken with my Point & Shoot camera, the flash often leave people in the photo with a 'shiny skin' effect. Other than not using the flash (or at least moving the flash off the... more


Does Lightroom have a healing brush?

Does Lightroom have a healing brush?I'm aware of the spot-healing capability, for some corrections I need a brush to paint the healing. Photoshop has this, but it slows my workflow down to have to... more
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Why RAW to JPG creates more noise in image in Adobe Photoshop?

When i click image at that time Raw format doesn't contain any noise, but when i opened into Adobe Photosho CC 2017 version and after modifying raw data and open to ps ans save as jpg gives colors... more
Post Processing Adobe Lightroom Lightroom


How to enable auto-loading of several next photos in Lightroom?

I'm using Lightroom 4.1 to review, cherry pick and postprocess a bunch of Canon RAW photos from a big shooting session. I use the Library view in Loupe mode to review the photos and pick up the... more
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What is the difference in making adjustments to a RAW file in Adobe CameraRaw and Adobe Photoshop?

I have two post-processing choices for the RAW (.NEF) files: 1. After the RAW file opens in CameraRaw, **make** the adjustments to the image and open it as an Object in Adobe Photoshop, so that I... more


Canon 6D CR2 Raw files don't work with Content-Aware Crop in Photoshop CC?

I've been trying to use the content aware crop tool in Adobe Photoshop to fill in some simple sections of the sky or foreground when I crop an image. Even with the Content-Aware checkbox checked... more


Are there any downsides to applying the lens correction profile in Adobe Lightroom?

Assuming that you are using a good lens profile, say one that Adobe has predefined in Lightroom, are there any downsides to automatically applying the appropriate lens correction profile when the... more


How can I create a copy of a image that carries my edits within Lightroom Classic CC?

I'm using a workflow within Lightroom Classic CC that I don't believe to be optimal. What I do sometimes to achieve the results that I want is to make some ajustments within Lightroom, fixing... more


Where can I get Lightroom Presets?

Could you recommend a good source of presets for Lightroom?
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Should I set the photo resolution as required before starting post-editing job?

My client is requiring the final work image to be in high resolution image, i.e. 9000px x 6000px - 300dpi. I normally shoot the "still" product in RAW image. Before starting my editing job... more

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