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E# note in the D# Major scale. What does it mean?

I've been having this doubt for a quite a while and haven't been able to find a satisfying answer. Is the 'E#' note technically an F? If so, why does it not exist on the chromatic scale like other... more


How to reference or calculate the percentage pitch change between two notes?

I'm building an arpeggiator software. So to start off I have a note for a piano sample, call it 'piano-base-note.mp3'. and I have a script to increase / decrease the pitch of an mp3 file by some... more


how to find pitch of roof with the run=8 ft. and rise = 6 ft.

I need to know the formula for finding the pitch or slope of a roof. The rise is 6 feet and the run is 8 feet.

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