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Can I have two different instruments play the same melody at the same octave?

I am writing an orchestral track and so far I have written the melody of strings (violins and such) and I want to add trumpets and here are 3 things I consider.1) Have the trumpets play the same... more


What's so off about the intro to Prokofiev's Dance of the Knights?

Now this question is by no means an attack on any conductor or orchestra, nor Prokofiev himself, but why does it seem that it's hard for everyone to get right into time with one another with this... more


Parallel Fifth in a Symphony Orchestral?

when writing for an orchestra can we use parallel fifth (Power Chord)? for example in game of thrones symphony for some part of string or another song for brass section because it is so powerful... more


How to practice orchestration?

How can I *practice* composing for an orchestra? Should I take Beethoven's Fifth Symphony, analyze and then copy everything down on manuscript paper? I would like to hear some *techniques* for... more


Can a beginner cello player join a high school orchestra If she practices over the summer?

I really want to join an orchestra when I go to HS this year but I still have to learn the instrument I might start learning in a month I really really love practicing so you think even tho I m a... more

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