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Should I accept a job that's not as structured (from reviews) but a better salary or stay with the current one I'm with (that's structured) but be paid less?

Recently got a job offer from a company that has a better pay rate. The only downfall is there are no benefits and I have to use my own laptop. With my current company, I'm with a structured MSP... more


I don't know what to do

Hi, I am an international student finishing IGCSE this year.I used to work hard and my grades were good. But since covid-19 appeared, my grades are falling. I had a hard time focusing to study.I... more

Career Development

What are the top career development tools needed in 2021 to enhance your career?


Professional internet job assistance.....???

I feel like there is a real term for what I am looking for but I am not sure what it is so I'm going to try my best to describe what I mean. A lot of people these days are making money lots of... more


Cyber security specialist vs. consultant vs. architect?

I have a general understand of these 3 roles, but no working experience (actually I work in security R&D). For example (I know some details may vary in different companies): [Specialist] -... more

Career path: Is going for PMP along with having a rich experience in the InfoSec field a good career move?

I think the title pretty says it all. Do you think that if one has experience in implementations of security and network solutions, and then gets to become a PMP, will that be an added value to... more

How can I increase my hourly pay as a software developer?

I am a PHP developer with 3 yrs experience and got exposure in Joomla, CodeIgniter. What should be my hourly pay in U.S. and what should I do to increase it with a steady curve? Thanks.

Working at same place 2 years & my colleagues got a salary increase but I didn't. Should I ask my boss why?

I have worked at a doctors practice for two years. Some of my collegues have made a year working in this practice, but they have increased their salary. I didn't get an increase when they... more

Do the skills of a software developer transfer well into working in computer security or white hat hacking?

I am conflicted. I want to become a software developer but I am also interested in the networking side of things… Is software development and network security 2 whole different beasts? If they are,... more

Is it possible to do research in both Computer Architecture and Security?

I just finished with my MSc in Computer Science and Engineering (Security study-line) with a thesis on cache timing attacks on virtualized environments. I also have an MEng in Electronic and... more

Fresh Graduate Going into Penetration Testing?

As a fresh graduate I'm wondering what my chances are of joining a great pen-testing group. Is there a risk that a career in pen-testing may one day not be needed? If so, how applicable will skills... more

How to start my first project?

I'm going to manage my first project that is really a small stream of an even greater project, and my boss said that I could make my own schedule and plans etc.I have a couple of questions, I need... more

Best way to start investing, for a young person just starting their career?

I am young, just started my career, and looking to begin investing so I can make my money work for me. I'm still living like I did in college (occasional purchase on myself, but most of it goes... more

High-risk investing is better for the young? Why?

I have heard statements such as the question's time. Basically, it's a financial motto: "If you're young, take on more risk." I don't really understand it. I figured risk-tasking is a... more

Information Security Career tracks - Academically vs. IT certifications?

I will try to be as straightforward as possible here. I am currently working as a security integrator at an integration company. I work with products of vendors like Check Point, Cisco, Juniper,... more

What are my options for a career switch into IT Security?

I am currently working as a Software/Web Developer with around eight years experience, however I have always had an interest in IT Security and am now hoping to move my career in this direction. I... more

What to do when a job offer is made but with a salary less than what was asked for?

I got a job offer this morning from a place I interviewed at yesterday for a front end developer position in nyc. I told them my salary expectation is 75k in the email to which they responded to... more


How can I prepare for a career in instruction writing and editing?

To technical background authors (e.g. Isaac Rabinovitch) who would possibly work in teams with non-technically trained writers:How can I prepare myself to be able to do what you do? How can I... more

Should a high-school student invest their (relative meager) savings?

I am a high school student, I don't really have much money, between one and two grand in my savings account. However, I have friends who are investing in both penny stocks and stocks. I do not... more

SANS Forensic Course -worth it?

I'm a Security Student at Pennsylvania State University and I am considering taking FOR408 through SANS this summer in Pittsburgh (not far from my home). I really want this to help me stand out in... more


Good at investing - how to turn this into a job?

I'm 34 years old. Twelve years ago, I got a bachelor's degree in Computer Science, and have been working as a computer programmer more-or-less continuously since then. I also have been investing... more

Responsibilities as a Junior Information Security Analyst?

Tomorrow will be my first day as a new Junior Information Security Analyst, and I'm nervous and excited at the same time. I want to apologize if this is the wrong place to ask such questions, but... more


Freelance security work?

What types of jobs within IT security lend themselves best to freelancing or working remotely, as opposed to being a standard office job?


Career advice - Is it possible to get a security job without formal education? What can compensate for the lack of it?

Context: I am twenty and I am a high school dropout. I have a basic working knowledge of software development, penetration testing, vulnerability research, reverse engineering and exploit... more

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