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Is Adobe Photoshop worth the money?

I am starting to invest a little more money into my photography business. I've gone from a hobbyist to being asked to take professional shots, so I have the lights and other equipment. I'm... more

Do Lightroom and Aperture force you into using a specific folder structure?

I'm getting busy, which is a good thing. I need to be able to batch process raws, or rather make global edits, to increase efficiency. I've heard that Aperature and Lightroom are both good at this... more

Looking for a high level Music Programming language?

I'm looking for a high-level programming language. I did some googling and found a number of examples (some summarized here http://users.soe.ucsc.edu/~sasha/proj/musicpaper.pdf) but haven't found... more


Lossless extracting of JPEGs from an MJPEG video?

Using the Timelapse app on my Sony NEX-6 camera, I get an AVI which contains an MJPEG stream.However, I'd like to take all the individual frames into Lightroom as normal photos, to do my... more

Does Lightroom have a healing brush?

Does Lightroom have a healing brush?I'm aware of the spot-healing capability, for some corrections I need a brush to paint the healing. Photoshop has this, but it slows my workflow down to have to... more


Will Photoshop run on Linux?

I have installed Photoshop on Linux using wine. It's crashing again and again. Is there any way to use Photoshop on linux?


I'm an editor who generally uses Word to communicate changes with my authors. Is Adobe's InCopy better for this task?

For all of my editing work I'm currently using Microsoft Word. But I've heard a bit about Adobe's InCopy being good for editing and publishing. Is it really better? What makes it better than Word?


Canon 6D CR2 Raw files don't work with Content-Aware Crop in Photoshop CC?

I've been trying to use the content aware crop tool in Adobe Photoshop to fill in some simple sections of the sky or foreground when I crop an image. Even with the Content-Aware checkbox checked... more


Combining multiple Videos?

Does any one know about any free software for windows with which I can combine multiple videos and create a video like this?http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mm1920zkwOA&feature=player_embedded


Apple Aperture or Adobe Lightroom: which is better for post processing RAW photos?

This is probably an old chestnut, but I'm trying to decide between purchasing Adobe Lightroom or Aperture for Mac, and would appreciate any pointers that would help me decide.I think I've outgrown... more

Which is best as part of a fast workflow: Picasa, Lightroom, Photoshop or other?

Im looking to expand on my workflow after a shoot. Today my workflow consists of moving images from my SD card to my computer, using Picasa in a very basic d way... (Crop, im feeling lucky and... more


emacs for creative writing?

Does anyone know a good emacs configuration for creative writing? I'd be looking for the ability to write, edit, and export to libre office or word (so the less technical people get edit/view). I'm... more


How to mass convert RAW images into JPEG in Lightroom 3?

I have 1000 raw photos that I would like to convert all to jpg. Is there a way I can do this all at once or can I only do it one by one?


Is Scrivener involved in the editorial process, or is it strictly a writer's development tool?

Is there any reason that an editor should know how to use Scrivener? I generally see manuscripts after they're out of draft but before proofreading. (I'm an editor.) However, I see a lot of talk... more


How to apply develop settings to multiple images at once in Lightroom?

I'm in the Develop module in Lightroom 3. The secondary monitor shows a grid with multiple photos selected. When I change a develop setting, e.g. exposure +1, the setting is only applied to one... more


What can you do with Lightroom catalog files if Adobe stops support for Lightroom?

What can you do with Lightroom catalogs if Adobe shuts down support for Lightroom? Is there any other software compatible with Lightroom catalogs? I don't have Lightroom, this is one of the things... more

Emulating human performance in orchestral software?

I recently bought *Garritan Personal Orchestra* and find it a great tool to get professional-sounding orchestral renders of my scores. However, I feel a certain lack of "human" playing in it, i.e.,... more


Simultaneous Bilingual Writing?

I have recently undertaken a personal project to translate my WIP novel into Japanese in parallel with writing it. I am managing both in LaTeX and editing them in vim, but the topic itself is too... more


What benefit does Lightroom 3 offer over Photoshop + Bridge?

I've been happily using Photoshop and Bridge to manage and edit my digital photos. I'm aware that Lightroom 3 was recently released, and decided to take a look at it, since Lightroom has been... more

What keyboard shortcut could I use to step through presets in Lightroom?

Is there a keyboard shortcut to step through presets in Lightroom?I have development presets grouped in folders, for example one of them is B&W.I often find myself stepping through a number of... more


What are the benefits of using Collections in Adobe Lightroom?

I use Lightroom a lot (and love it), but I don't use Collections at all, instead just preferring to keep photos in folders, and then tag/flag/pick within that. People often rave about Collections,... more

Lightroom vs. Elements vs. Photoshop: Side-by-side comparison?

I'm a bit overwhelmed by the available options in regards to the three major photo editing apps from Adobe.Does anyone know of an article or site that lists the features of Lightroom, PS Elements,... more

What are best practices for using Lightroom libraries?

How do you organize your Lightroom library (libraries)? Since I am a casual photographer, I have a single huge library with all my photos in it. Then I create smart collections to be able to find... more


Free software to create a score from scratch?

What open source softwares are available for creating a music score? I have Logic X but I don't think it's geared well for that kind of thing.

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