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Data Analysis Spss Anova One Sample T Test


Is it possible to run ANOVA on this data?

I am requesting your guidance on analysing some data. This is data that was collected to determine the levels of concentration of Toluene in soil samples at a petroleum refinery. The hypothesis of... more
Data Analysis Statistics Maths Mathematics


How do you calculate percentage mean?

I was reading some papers and these papers used a mean percentage to describe some data. I have some data of my own which I want to find a mean percentage of, but I cannot work out how to and I... more
Data Analysis Math Biology Statistics


How to do data and statistical analysis of data where the type of results and methodology are very different

Hello! I needed help with a systematic review that I am conducting. I have found some data but it is very different and I cannot combine it. I am measuring the complement resistance of certain... more
Data Analysis Sat Math



In a particular sale, all items were discounted 40%. If the original price of an item was $50, what was its sale price?
Data Analysis Algebra 2


Math help! Algebra 1 and 2

A teacher gives a test for which the mean of the scores is 68 and the standard deviation is 15. The teacher decides to scale the test scores by adding 10 points to each score. What are the mean and... more


Difficulty Formulating Hypothesis - Conflict Between Theoretical Model and Assignment Requirements

Hello! I am currently working on a project for my general linear models class. The requirements of this section are as follows: "The problem should be stated in terms of causality where you are... more
Data Analysis Math Prealgebra Probability


A coin is flipped 12 times. it comes up heads 9 times.

write the experimental probability as a percentage.
Data Analysis Statistics


Comparing measures

The ages of the members of four teams are summarized below. Answer the questions about them. Team A: the mean is age 27 and the range of ages is 13team B: the mean is age 32 and the range of ages... more


Is there any advantage in stacking multiple images vs a single long exposure?

Suppose I have a source object that is not time varying, to be concrete let's say it's a galaxy. Is there anything additional that can be learned or done with multiple short exposure images of... more
Data Analysis Algebra 1 Probability


I need help with this difficult statistics problem.

In the state lottery, a player can buy a ticket that displays exactly 6 two-digit numbers having values in the range from 01 to 60. In a twice-a-week drawing, 6 numbered ping-pong balls are drawn... more

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