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Muslim Concentration camps in china

How does the treatment of muslims in china affect muslims worldwide? How does China's treatment towards muslims affect society in general especially the muslim communities worldwide?

What is the real role of the queen in UK in these days?

What is the role in the government or social of this Queen in UK in these days?

Can we tell whether human groups or societies are behaving as superorganisms?

An anthill can be described as a superorganism, with behaviours and interactions much more complex than those of an individual ant. We could find analogies between the superorganism and other... more

What is the role and responsiblity of the king in Spain in the Spanish government?

What is the role of the king, socially or politically, in Spain? Recently Spain's monarch abdicated his throne for his son. [See... more


who is the dalai lama i have to write an article in 30 min & i know nothing about him so i have few questions

1) the Western view of the Dalai Lama and how it contributed to his reputation. 2) the Chinese government’s view of the Dalai Lama and how it contributed to his reputation. 3) the interplay of... more
Society Sociology


has drug use and abuse changed in recent history or has it stayed relatively the same?

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