18 Answered Questions for the topic Social Studies, 7th Grade

Social Studies, 7th Grade Social Studies


What U.S. trade policy would encourage imports of foreign cars?

Social Studies, 7th Grade


Europeans started using other Europeans as workers on plantations.

 is it true that the Europeans used other Europeans?  
Social Studies, 7th Grade


what is the land cover for the Arabian peninsula

I just want help u hos
Social Studies, 7th Grade


Why did Andrew Jackson support the removal of Native Americans from the eastern United States

For a hard question
Social Studies, 7th Grade


which country is most isolated economically

 i need help with this question
Social Studies, 7th Grade


Tenochtitlan and Chichen Itza(pyramid) are associated with the

 Tenochtitlan and Chichen Itza (pyramid) are associated with the  
Social Studies, 7th Grade British


Why couldn't the Britains and the thirteen colonies get along?

Why couldn't the britains and the thirteen colonies get along?
Social Studies, 7th Grade


the vast plain that stretches from the Atlantic coast in eastern Europe is called the what?

it is a geography quest for chapter 13 section 1 quiz seventh grade.
Social Studies, 7th Grade


Who is saint Patrick

Vocabulary words djdjdjjdjdjdkdkdjdjcjfjjfjvjvjcjvjccjcjdfjvjkdked
Social Studies, 7th Grade Social Studies


true or false people in german ancestry are the largest european ethnic group in texas today

i need this answer i can not find it anwhere 
Social Studies, 7th Grade


In order to join a political party, you must agree with its positions on all issues.

The question would either be 
Social Studies, 7th Grade Social Studies


About how long did it take the Roman Empire to reach its height?

social studies world history
Social Studies, 7th Grade


What was the event that had the greatest impact on Texas revolution against Mexico ?

About Texas Revolution and what was the greatest impact it had on Mexico
Social Studies, 7th Grade


What are negative consequences of interdependency

a list of the negative consequences of interdependency.
Social Studies, 7th Grade Social Studies


What do beads, rugs, mosques, the qibla, muezzins, and imams have to do with worship

Beads rugs mosques qibla muezzins   
Social Studies, 7th Grade


the exploitation ( taking advantage of weaker countries for resources and markets is known as what

 What does it mean like help me answer the question?
Social Studies, 7th Grade


known as "rice bowl of asia" beacause of the many rice terraces

beacause of the many rice terraces  

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