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French translation check (asap)

I was just wondering if the translation between French and English is accurate. On google translate they are correct but it would be great if a French teacher or native speaker could double check... more


How do i say "The Forest" in irish?

simple question
Languages Language Babies


how do babies learn one language over another

 This question is for my class and I'm trying to find more answers
Languages Social Studies


Social studies help! I need it right always so please help me! Thank you very much

How is the Slavic language different from the Germanic and Romance languages?


Social studies help, I need it for the homework so please help me! Thank you

how can Europe solve the "language problem"?


I really need help with these question. Please help me!

What challenges might the government of Switzerland face in trying to accommodate the three languages commonly spoken there?


Social studies help

what advantages might a country in which most citizens speak two or three languag fluently have? Explain
Languages Alphabet


why do all alphabets in the world begin with the letter A?

it is a language research question which i need it please answer ...

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