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Reading English Grammar


Im confused on usage of was and were in a sentence

CASE 1: My friend asked me how was the examShould i reply everything in past like-"Exam was very hard, there were some critical questions asked and i couldn't answer them" (or) Exam was very hard,... more


How many bottles of each type of juice did you buy if you spent $21.50?

1.        You bought  bottles of grape juice and lemonade.  The grape juice was on sale for  per bottle, and the lemonade was on sale for  per bottle. How many bottles of each type of juice did you... more


dinosours health

could a dinosaur "T-Rex" take modern drugs and be harmed or helped?


Which of the following BEST completes the analogy?

Car is to Mechanic as Body is to?A. Patient.B. Hospital.C. Doctor.D. Torso.
Reading History Writing


Evil halves in folklore/mythology

I'm researching the literature trope of a character's evil half manifesting (most notably Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde) and I was wondering if there are any tales from mythology/folklore surrounding the... more


How did Johnny’s note to pony boy help pony boy’s attitude toward himself his friends and his future

The book the outsiders


The reader can tell that the rest of the passage will be about?

 It's easy to see why many people cannot tell the difference between alligators and crocodiles. They have similar body types: thick bodies, scary teeth, and long tails. They also stand low to the... more


How is the first paragraph of the passage organized?

   When I first started school, I was lonely. I had just moved into a new neighborhood, and I didn't know anyone at the new school. All of my friends were still at my old school, and I was so... more


How are the overall structures of the two passages different?

     In recent years, children have begun to use computers to learn at earlier ages. In fact, toddlers as young as 2 years old can learn shapes and colors on their own using the Internet. In some... more


Annie is writing a report about the 1993 Boston Marathon this was the first marathon that Kenyan runner Cosmas Ndeti won. What is a primary source she could use for her report

A. A magazine article about Cosmas Ndeti that was written by his fan club president B. An article discussing Cosmas Ndeti’ career written by a professional athlete C. A book about the 1993 Boston... more
Reading Math


if peter read 1/2 of a book and there 136 how much did he read

please help plzzzzz helpp plzzzz


what do you think this means?

When the first tear is from the person’s right eye, it is a happy tear but if the first tear is from the person’s left, then it is a sad tear. So what do you think this means?On the face of the... more


How might I improve my young student’s reading comprehension

Which sentence is inconsistent with the overall tone of the passage?

A. I grudgingly give this restaurant one star because this publication does not allow me to give out zero stars. B. Polly's Palace is a new themed restaurant that caters to young girls who dream... more


How can I enjoy reading?

The best way to learn to enjoy reading is to find the best "just right" book to read. The first thing you need to do is a search for books that interest you. Then, once you have found an... more
Reading Books Titles


Book trilogy title

What book was about a kid who was given a scroll, traveled back in time, met people, and had a real twin back in his time? It's a 3-book series. The 1st book has a purple cover and the 3rd has a... more


What about if you change wheedled to pleaded? How would the tone change?

I really need to know this quick before school starts. It starts at 7:30, but I have to leave at 7:10 and it's 7:02!
Reading Summery


What is the summery of this passage?

Hello and Thank Youby Tirzah Tyler     Rosario opened the door to Miguel's car. She sat down in the passenger's seat and cheerfully said to her brother, "Hi! How was your day?"     "Does your... more
Reading Art Special Needs


What kind of assessment do educators do before before beginning private tutoring of a student?

Various ages, abilities and disabilities and subject matter call for flexibility in tutoring, what are some tools a tutor might use to make an effective assessment and know they are going to work... more


Given the list of genres included, which short story genre most closely matches "The Red Shoes" by Edna Buchanan?

Horror storyAdventure storyModern story "with a twist"Crime and mystery story


Drag and Select Reading Question

Story: The Boston Tea Party 1      In 1607, the British established the colony of Jamestown in Virginia. This led to nearly a century of British dominance on the new continent. During this time,... more
Reading English Writing


"we earnestly look forward to hearing from you" Is this an okay phrase to use?

I am thinking about ending a hand-written letter with a phrase "Thank you so much again for reading this letter, and we earnestly look forward to hearing from you." I added the word "earnestly"... more
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