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How do I improve my CARS score on the MCAT?

The CARS section of the MCAT is 25% of your grade. Many students (especially intuitive ones), seem to hit a road block when studying for this portion of the exam. Why can't I improve my score here?
Reading Comprehension


Can you help me improve my reading comprehension?

Reading Comprehension


Compare and contrast “The Three Little Pigs” and “The True Story of the Three Little Pigs.”

Your answer should include how the stories are similar and how they are different.
Reading Comprehension Literature Essay Composition (writing)


What if I've Always Been Terrible at Writing and/or Understanding Literature?

I've always made awful grades in writing essays, whether about myself or a story covered in class. I think I'll never be able to improve based on my past performance.
Reading Comprehension


What does it mean to infer? What is inference?

Have you been asked to "infer" an author's meaning in a written work?
Reading Comprehension English Reading Literature


Given the list of genres included, which short story genre most closely matches "The Red Shoes" by Edna Buchanan?

Horror storyAdventure storyModern story "with a twist"Crime and mystery story
Reading Comprehension English Vocabulary Grammar


Does your student struggle in understanding what they read and answering questions?

I am able to help. Over the years, I have assisted students in understanding their schoolwork, promoting correct pronunciation when reading aloud, and working on vocabulary-building, reading... more
Reading Comprehension English Reading Esl/esol


What's the secret of reading English like a native speaker?

How to read English for speed, fluency, and comprehension
Reading Comprehension Grammar Japanese Questions


Understanding どうしたら?

On the 100th anniversary of the first anime 東京国立近代美術館フィルムセンター said: > **どうしたら**このアニメがこれから100年残っていくか考えてほしいと思います > ??? We want you think about how these anime will be here 100 years from... more
Reading Comprehension Reading Logic Exam Questions


Help to understand this question from reading comprehension in my GRE textbook?

> *The organizers of tomorrow's outdoor concert announced that it will go on tomorrow on schedule unless bad weather is forecast or too few advance tickets are sold. If the concert is canceled,... more
Reading Comprehension Reading Time


Meaning of “come eleven a.m. or so”?

I'm reading *The Fermented Man* by Derek Dillinger. The author talks about his reaction towards sugary sweets after one year of eating very simply. It turns out the average amount of sugar most... more
Reading Comprehension Reading


Context meaning of a passage?

> Whether the languages of the ancient American peoples were used for> expressing abstract universal concepts can be clearly answered in the> case of Nahuatl. Nahuatl, like Greek and... more
Reading Comprehension Reading


Meaning of "added pitfall of ensuring"?

I’m reading *The Greedy Queen* by Annie Gray. The author introduced the way people made gelatine in Victorian times:> Jellies at this time were set with gelatine extracted from calves’> feet.... more
Reading Comprehension History Reading Literature


Am I reading this wrong? Or is my understanding anachronical?

I started reading this short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald, *What to Do About It*, published in 1933. And the story starts with a character trying to free a wheel from a tirelock:> [...] he... more
Reading Comprehension Reading Meaning


What "Did I do this" refers to?

> There was an unearthly quality to the atmosphere inside the Frieze New York art fair, like the air in a plane—still but pressurized, with an unsettling hum—when the fiction writer Ottessa... more
Reading Comprehension Reading


Meaning of "humours (Elizabethan usage)"?

I'm reading an article about Philip K. Dick written by Roger Zelazny. Zelazny talks about Dick's *Galactic Pot-Healer* and says:> Galactic Pot-Healer -- When the encyclopedia defines a... more
Reading Comprehension Reading


Meaning of a paragraph about a literary heritage?

Passage to analyze:> Tillie Olsen's fiction and essays have been widely and rightly> acknowledged as major contributions to American literature. Her work> has been particularly valued by... more
Reading Comprehension Reading Exam Questions


SAT Reading Question Practice Test #6?

> Harouni of course became familiar with thisubiquitous man, who not only accompanied him onhis tours of inspection, but morning and night couldbe found standing on the master bed rewiring... more
Reading Comprehension Reading


Meanings of delightfully difficult and judicious customs?

I’m reading *The Greedy Queen* by Annie Gray. Gray talks about a dining style called à la Russe in the Victorian age, and she says:> The upper middle classes were the first to really embrace... more
Reading Comprehension Reading Sentence Meaning


Fold over itself' and 'the boundary of the paper'?

I'm having trouble comprehending a problem statement (I'm assuming that the problem statement is clear). The first two sentences I can understand (I've added them for context) but the 3rd is giving... more
Reading Comprehension Reading Meaning In Context


Does the following excerpt say that most animals are active during the daytime?

>*"This can take many forms. Marine life, for example, is influenced by tidalpatterns. Animals tend to be active or inactive depending on the position of the sun or moon. Numerous creatures,... more
Reading Comprehension Reading


Help to understand "It drives Mum mad" in this passage?

> “What does your dad do at the Ministry of Magic, anyway?”> “He works in the most boring department,” said Ron. “The Misuse of> Muggle Artifacts Office.”> > “The what?”> >... more
Reading Comprehension Reading


Is Sherlock Holmes good to study English?

The novel was first published over 100 years ago. Its English might be quite different than it is now. The question is this: Will reading it help me to improve my English?

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