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In the story "Borders" by Thomas King:

What is implied by the one border guard's claim that "you have to be American or Canadian"? Explain how the following two quotes are related: "You would expect Sweetgrass, which is a nice name and... more


What do you understand by effective questioning skills? Why they are important to learn?

Asking the right question is a skill as well as an art. However, majority of people are unable to ask the right question at the right time, hence they end up short of valuable information or data.... more
Comprehension English Tasks Process Order


Process Order: Instructions

1.     Start with every mineralogist. 2.     Change the leftmost consonant with the letter that immediately follows in in the alphabet. 3.     Add an A at the very end. 4.     Delete the... more
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Romeo and Juliet BY Shakespeare

What effect does Romeo's tragic flaw, downfall and sudden death have on the audience
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How do I increase my vocabulary?

Increasing vocabulary is one of the easiest and best ways to improve your reading comprehension and writing. When you increase vocabulary, you differentiate the way you write sentences, foster... more
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How can I get my child with ADHD or dyslexia help with reading?

Comprehension Reading


What does make me nervous?

*The hallway is eerily empty when I exit the elevator, which always makes me nervous.*Which does make me nervous, The hall way, The hall way being empty or the elevator?
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Understanding a sentence?

I have read a definition about "personal data" in an ISO/IEC document which states> Details of the personal or material circumstances of an identified or identifiable natural person.I don't... more
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Does adding on to a statement mean you agree with it?

If Person A says "Never trust a used car salesman or a politician" and Person B says "Or a lawyer" is it implied that person B agrees with Person A? Is there a word or phrase for this?
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Reading comprehension?

When hunching myself answering a reading comprehension task, I was particularly unsettled with one question, which I will show you right now:This is an excerpt from *Susan Orlean's "Life is Swell"*... more
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TOEFL reading question?

>A very different argument comes from Barbara Bender, who argues that before farming, there was competition between local groups to achieve dominance over each other through feasting and the... more
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Is 20 eyes an expression that means 20 person?

The book slipped from his hands and fell on the floor with loud noise, 20 eyes looked up at him and his face turned red.....Q: approximately,how many persons where at the library?•10•20•40
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The differences bewteen "Mere" and "Merely".?

What are the difference between these two sentences:1) He's a mere boy.2) He's merely a boy
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Meaning of "indispensable" in Thoreau quote?

> Most of the luxuries, and many of the so called comforts of life, are not only indispensable, but positive hinderances to the elevation of mankind. ~ "Walden", Henry David ThoreauIn my... more
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Help me understand what the lady says in the video at 9:46?

Could you please help me understand what the lady says in the below video at 9:46https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k95ln3wfTFsJust one sentence that is not totally clear to me.Thank you.


What is the subject of the first sentence?what does "so that" means? What is the role of two last phrase, could you paraphrase it for me?

Just as painted designs on Greek pots may seem today to be purely decorative, whereas in fact they were carefully and precisely worked out **so that at the time**, their meaning was clear, so it is... more
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Ambivalence about the 'respective' rate of increase (or decrease?) in the statements of type?

Here is a sentence:> "In the United States between 1850 and 1880, the number of farmers> continued to increase, but at a rate lower than that of the general> population."Now, from this, I... more
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What is the correct answer choice and why?

> Studies have shown that **people who keep daily diet records are far more successful at losing weight thanpeople who don’t keep track of what they eat**. Researchers believe that many... more
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What is the conclusion of the passage?

>A single short story can suggest a desired response from the reader. It is a difficult task, though, to createa world within a single short story and then repeat this world again in other... more
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meaning of "only their parents"?

I'm reading *When Our Grown Kids Disappoint Us* by Jane Adams. In the introduction, she talks about who this book is addressed to:> ...here are the positive, life-affirming, burden-easing things... more


Have lines crossed!?

I couldn't understand the meaning of have lines crossed in the sentence below:"We must have had our lines crossed, thank you for checking."I'd appreciate it if you help me in this order.Thanks
Comprehension Reading Tone


What is the tone of this line?

I am preparing for an aptitude test and then I came to a question. I need to find the 'tone' of a line that is written below.*John likes work, it fascinates him! He can sit and look at it for... more


Reading comprehension question?

Can you help me regarding the following question related to the paragraph below. For me, all the options can be answer because each option contains a non-text and text information.> Furthermore,... more


Reading Comprehension question?

Here is a GRE practice question that I have an issue with. It is given [here](http://www.majortests.com/gre/reading_comprehension_test06), Question #7.>*Passage:*> >French cuisine is... more

A Comprehension question?

>The techniques employed by science fiction writers are meant to draw the reader into a world where extraordinary events can occur and unexpected scenarios draw a striking comparison to events... more

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