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TOEFL reading question?

>A very different argument comes from Barbara Bender, who argues that before farming, there was competition between local groups to achieve dominance over each other through feasting and the... more


Help to understand this question from reading comprehension in my GRE textbook?

> *The organizers of tomorrow's outdoor concert announced that it will go on tomorrow on schedule unless bad weather is forecast or too few advance tickets are sold. If the concert is canceled,... more


SAT Reading Question Practice Test #6?

> Harouni of course became familiar with thisubiquitous man, who not only accompanied him onhis tours of inspection, but morning and night couldbe found standing on the master bed rewiring... more


True, false, or not given: there are three main kinds of identity theft?

**Please, reason before looking on the answer or my arguments so you don't become biased.**I'm studying for a test and there is this passage (content taken from British Council study material):>... more


A Comprehension question?

>The techniques employed by science fiction writers are meant to draw the reader into a world where extraordinary events can occur and unexpected scenarios draw a striking comparison to events... more

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