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What is a learning disorder?

How do you define a learning disorder? How do you determine if your child has a learning disability?


Do you know the difference between tutoring and enrichment services?

When you ask for a tutor, what exactly are you looking for? Are you looking for someone to review, practice, and drill skills taught in school either in person or remotely? Are you looking for... more


Reflection 500 words - All wickedness is weakness

Reading Writing


Identify the function of the bold word(s) in the sentences.

A. The student *with the highest grade* will win a free lunch.The student with the highest grade *will win* a free lunch.B. Jerry *gave* Maria a set of diamond earrings.Jerry gave Maria a *set* of... more


If you were a police officer, how would you solve a "tire dumping" problem in your community?

You are a police officer assigned to cover a particular area or beat. For this question, your area is the area in which you currently live. Through your contacts with the citizens and your call... more
Reading Literature


How do I find the theme in a piece of literature?

What strategies can I use?


How can I build my literacy skills?

How can I improve my comprehension?
Reading Phonics


Why can't my child read?

What is the missing piece when my child is struggling to read?
Reading English History


How will you reach your academic goals?

It's important to set goals in reading, literature, writing, history, and ESL. This will help you plan for improvement.


Gothic Literature

Hi!I am practicing analysing literature during my holidays. The last book I have read is The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde.I have an exercise as to explain what are the gothic elements... more
Reading English Writing


What's the difference between a clause and a phrase?

Sometimes sentences can be a bit complex with a lot of parts. Certain words will activate certain parts of that sentence, so it's all about identifying those words as you read and write!


What books are recommended to read for 10th grade sophomore year? Or in high school in general?

Please typed any book you recommend, Also books about medicine.
Reading Sleep Phone


Q: Is it important to keep my mind active during summer months?

A: Yes, it is imperative that you continue to learn and keep your mind active while you are not in school. This is done best by attempting the following: Sleep 8-10 hours every night. Eat a... more


Is your student good in math and science but does only average work in ELA?

Does your student have a second language background? Knowing two languages is and plus but sometimes, students with a ESL background miss vocabulary and nuances and humor in their second language... more
Reading Writing


Do you read substantive books?

Do you read classical novels that can be analyzed, that require you to think? In second grade are you reading The Chocolate Touch and then comparing and contrasting it to King Midas and the Golden... more


Is your child struggling with reading comprehension?

Is your child struggling with reading comprehension? With over 10+ years in experience, this is my forte. I love making reading fun for kids interactive and finding out what their learning style... more
Reading Literature


In this quote from "The Most Dangerous Game" there is a meaning that can be inferred by detail and tone. Explain the hidden meaning and how it is conveyed.

He was smiling his curious red-lipped smile. Then he said slowly, "No. You are wrong, sir. The Cape buffalo is not the most dangerous big game." He sipped his wine. "Here in my preserve on this... more
Reading Phonics Writing


What's the best way to help kids differentiate between [b] and [d]?

It's a classic problem for so many kids out there. I've seen some creative solutions and some downright horrible ideas that actually make everything worse for the child. I have my own approach but... more


Why is it important for children to be able to cross over their midline?

Necessary skills include body awareness; control and use of both sides of the body.Observable difficulties include hand switching in writing or cutting.Activities to promote crossing the body's... more


What is the first thing to do when a person cannot read a word?

The answer to this question helps not only pronounce a word correctly, but aids in spelling, helps determine which part-of-speech that specific word is, and assists in figuring the meaning of the... more
Reading Grammar Writing


Do you need to boost grades and build confidence to speak Spanish?

Learn from real world situations with the help of technology you have at home.


At what age does the average child begin reading?

Thank you I would just like to know the answer to the question at what age do most kids start reading


some thing about tom sewar's friendship

Reading Special Needs


What are your qualifications?

Brief Bio:I believe in a proactive approach to educating children. I am a firm and respectful teacher, but I can be flexible as I understand the needs of individual students may affect their... more
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