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Are there benefits to war?

There are obvious costs to war: loss of human life, destruction of property, disruption of people's lives, and much more. However, despite these costs wars continue to happen. I'm wondering what... more

Spanish-American war from Spain's perspective?

From what I saw in movies, during many battles throughout the 1700s to early 1800s involving the French or British armies, rows of troops from both sides would fire volleys of bullets into each... more

Questions regarding Royal Gorge Railroad War in Colorado?

I am seeking information about the Colorado Railroad War, also known as the Royal Gorge Railroad War, in the Royal Gorge, Colorado. I am specifically wondering if this conflict was resolved through... more

What made India pull out troops and return the captured territory at the end of 1971 Indo-Pak war?

Indian forces during 1971 had decimated the Pakistani troops in Eastern theater resulting in one of the largest post WWII surrender including 90,000 soldiers. While Pakistan was in a... more

Which town or village in Britain lost the greatest percentage of men in WWI due to "Pals Battalions"?

The British decision to create "Pals Battalions" of men from a single town or village led to unanticipated disasters when Pals battalions ran into heavy resistance, with large numbers of men from a... more

Which was the last war in which swords were used?

Which was the last war in which swords were actively used as the primary weapon by an army?

What was the Seven Years' War about?

I would like to know the first recorded case of usage of tank in the Bangladesh war which took place in 1971.

What were the “passports” that diplomats requested when declaring war?

Why in WW1 or WW2 or ever nobody invaded Switzerland? All other countries was in some wars. How Switzerland do it and should we learn from them? I hear that many people with power have money in... more

When did the American War of 1812 actually end?

As a kid growing up in Egypt, we obviously had things in our official history textbooks that said that we "totally won that war", and I'm very sure that it's the exact opposite in Israel. So... more

What was Nazi Germany's end goal?

This is something I've always wondered but couldn't imagine what the answer could be and haven't found much material elsewhere. Nazi Germany, paired with Italy and Japan was waging war on the world... more

What would've been the outcome of the Yom Kippur War had the UN not intervened?

Do we have knowledge on the number of vessels in the armadas of the various belligerents of the Napoleonic wars? Information on the types of boats, captured vessels, and sunk vessels will also be... more

What percentage of British and American troops were involved in direct combat with enemy in World War II?

I was wondering whether the Sri Lankan Civil War, which officially ended, would technically considered to be still ongoing, since there are still clashes going on to this day. Would this classify... more

Is there a precedent for a large amount of refugees granted asylumn by a distant foreign nation?

Why was there lack of food during the WW2 in the UK? I understand the lack of food in the countries occupied by Germans, as they recruited a lot of agricultural products for their war machinery.... more

What was the range of round shot on level ground?

When, where and which countries developed the most powerful military aircraft? .

What makes a war be classified as a "world" war?

Throughout the history of human beings, there have been countless wars among on, two or multiple countries, but only two of these have been dubbed "world" wars. Which leads me to my question, is... more

What was the final result for France after the Napoleonic wars?

Has any country won a war, but lost a non-trivial amount of its territory? For example, 10% or 20%. It doesn't matter whether this country still exists or not.

Why did Sir William Stanley support Perkin Warbeck?

When the Seven Years War broke out, obviously they had no idea how long it would last. What did Europeans call this war at first? I know that in the North American Theater, it was called the... more

Why fight for a ruined city?

I'm exploring the history of the Peloponnesian War and I was wondering how much money a trirreme did cost and how long it took on average to build such a ship.

When did countries start developing military aircraft?

For a while, I had accepted the line that 100,000+ Iraqis were killed by the US military during the Iraq war. Recently however, a pundit claimed that the actual number killed by the US military is... more

Why did India release all Pakistani Soldiers captured during Indo Pak War 1965?

Why did India release all Pakistani Soldiers captured during Indo Pak War 1965. As India captured thousands of Pakistani Soldiers Why did Indian Govt. Release all?

Is the Sri Lankan Civil War really over?

I'm more of a social historian than military historian, but if I understand correctly war between two factions is almost always a struggle for power. Is that the case? Are there examples of wars... more


Why didn't carrier based fighters support bombers?

Why weren't aircraft carriers used to launch fighter planes to support bombers to targets in Germany? They could have gotten the fighter planes closer. Might have solved the range problem until the... more

Why did the US drop nuclear bombs on a weakened Japan?

My daughter was recently studying this in high school, and somehow I had always assumed that it had only lasted a year. Apparently it ran on for at least a couple of years, but her textbook only... more

When did the Pakistan army used tank for the first time during the 1971 Bangladesh war?

I believe it's the T-34, but a friend of mine argued that it was the Tiger. It all depends on which period of WW2 you look at, but overall, which was the best ?

Why didn't Saudi Unification Include the Coastal States like Qatar, UAE, Oman, Yemen, and Kuwait?

Why are the following states independent and not a part of Saudi Arabia? Qatar, UAE, Oman, Yemen, and Kuwait While their annexation might be difficult in our current time period, it should have... more
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