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What do war and geography have to do with each other?

optional=RACEcan someone answer in RACE my son says it's not correct if it isn't

Are there benefits to war?

There are obvious costs to war: loss of human life, destruction of property, disruption of people's lives, and much more. However, despite these costs wars continue to happen. I'm wondering what... more

Spanish-American war from Spain's perspective?

From what I saw in movies, during many battles throughout the 1700s to early 1800s involving the French or British armies, rows of troops from both sides would fire volleys of bullets into each... more

What made India pull out troops and return the captured territory at the end of 1971 Indo-Pak war?

Indian forces during 1971 had decimated the Pakistani troops in Eastern theater resulting in one of the largest post WWII surrender including 90,000 soldiers. While Pakistan was in a... more


Which was the last war in which swords were used?

Which was the last war in which swords were actively used as the primary weapon by an army?

What was Nazi Germany's end goal?

This is something I've always wondered but couldn't imagine what the answer could be and haven't found much material elsewhere. Nazi Germany, paired with Italy and Japan was waging war on the world... more


What makes a war be classified as a "world" war?

Throughout the history of human beings, there have been countless wars among on, two or multiple countries, but only two of these have been dubbed "world" wars. Which leads me to my question, is... more

Why did India release all Pakistani Soldiers captured during Indo Pak War 1965?

Why did India release all Pakistani Soldiers captured during Indo Pak War 1965. As India captured thousands of Pakistani Soldiers Why did Indian Govt. Release all?

Why did the US drop nuclear bombs on a weakened Japan?

My daughter was recently studying this in high school, and somehow I had always assumed that it had only lasted a year. Apparently it ran on for at least a couple of years, but her textbook only... more

Which was the first war in which photography was employed?

Undoubtedly photography has greatly changed public perception of war; but there is no _clear point_ in which photography began to be used—whether for documenting war or anything else. So I’m left... more

What was the dominant Soviet strategy for invading Germany in the 1980's?

The last war in the Balkans finished around 2000. Until today, land mines are a big problem, especially in Bosnia. There are huge regions where you shouldn't leave paved terrain. Since I love... more

Do historians agree that most wars are caused by religion?

I'm not a historian, but this is a very common claim that crops up in debates over God's existence and religious scripture. What is the opinion of the community of professional historians?

Was the Wehrmacht a mechanized army?

I read random descriptions of Germany's attack on the Soviet Union, and I got the impression that besides tanks, the armies carried with them millions of horses and that the bulk of the soldiers... more

How could the USS Maine explosion have been investigated?

After the explosion of the [USS Maine](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Maine_(ACR-1)) in 1898, was it possible for the United States to ask Spain if their mine had sunk the USN Battleship?


What was the cleanest war ever fought?

If not all, the vast majority of wars in known history were dirty, cruel and with a lot of civilian casualties. That makes me wonder if there has ever been a "clean" war where both sides played "by... more


Has there ever been a battle with only a single survivor?

Do we have record of any large scale battle (for example more than 1000 combatants) where only one person survived? I just thought of it randomly and wondered whether it may have ever happened.

Did ancient/medieval armies have music/chants to march to?

During battles or marching into battles did armies (like the Spartan or Eastern European armies) have music/chants to march to?

Revolutions: which side does the nation's military join?

Historically, when there has been a notably significant revolution to overthrow the standing government, does the military typically defend the government or join the revolutionists?

Was Smedley Butler right when he said 21,000 million/billionaires were created from World War I?

In his book entitled "War is a Racket" Smedley Butler argues that the profit of war is counted in bodies and money spent. He also wrote that 21,000 millionaires/billionaires were made from World... more

What are some examples of US states warring with one another?

My question is, has there been any states that have warred with each other in the United States? Obviously the one war that comes to mind is the Civil War, not what I am looking for. My question... more

What allowed the British to be able to burn Washington D.C. in the war of 1812?

The reason I'm asking is because of Washington D.C.'s location. It wasn't easily accessible by land and it wasn't easily traveled to by waterways. In what battles were the British able to get to... more


Throughout history, how many wars have there been between Russia and Japan?

Do both countries have a particluar hot spot that existed in the past, and if so, does it still exist now? Have their wars historically been bloody or transient, and are they now considered... more

How has hearing loss been avoided in war?

Guns are very loud, even in an open field. In a trench or inside a city, I can only imagine they would be louder, and quite capable of causing hearing loss. How have armies ensured that their... more

What was the first known war in history?

Not the first instance of *warfare*, which surely predates recorded history, but of an organized war between civilizations. For the purposes of this question I'll define a war as: - Defined... more

Were there any wars in ancient Greece where religion played a major part?

From Andrew Roberts’ *Napoleon: A Life*, on the 1803 outbreak of war between Britain and France, after Britain demanded Malta and Napoleon then wanted to know whether this demand was an ultimatum... more

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