Sarah H.

asked • 01/27/20

Tyler’s brother works in a shoe store.

A) Tyler’s brother earns a commission. He makes 2.5% of the amount he sells. Last week, he sold 9000$ worth of shoes. How much was his commission?

B) The store bought a pair of shoes for 50$, and sold it for 80$. What percentage was the markup?

C) Tyler’s brother earns 12$ per hour. The store offers him a raise; a 5% increase per hour. After the raise, how much will Tyler’s brother make per hour?

Kaitlynn E.

A) You do 9000 x .025 = 225. Therefore he earned $225 B) First you find the differences between the two prices. 80-50= 30. Then you divide 30 by 50. 30/50=.60 Thus the price was marked up 60% C) Multiple 12 by .05 12x.05= .60 or 60 cents. Add that to his original pay 12+.6= 12.60 Therefore Tyler's brother now earns $12.60 per hour


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Julia D. answered • 01/30/20

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