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Self Publishing Writing Ebook


Is publishing to Amazon Kindle-alternative eBook markets worth the time and effort?

I have published a few collection Kindle eBooks, and am planning on publishing at least 3 more in the not-too-distant future. While my experience with the Kindle marketplace has been mostly... more
Self Publishing Writing Money Publishing


Can I self-publish on a reputable publishing platform, and how much would it cost?

With the barrier to having a publisher sign a new author seemingly high, especially without prior success or experience, are there any good author-funded alternatives out there to the repeated... more
Self Publishing Writing Publishing


Pros and Cons of different styles of publishing?

I was reading on the meta site that someone thinks we're hostile to self-publishing, and I read over some old questions looking for evidence. I didn't really find signs of hostility, but I... more
Self Publishing Proofreading Editing Copyright


manuscript new versions and First Publishing Rights?

If you self-publish a version of a book, and then edit it, can you still traditionally publish it offering First Publishing Rights? Essentially I am asking if a partly re-writen draft is it... more
Self Publishing Proofreading Editing


How many errors should I expect from a proofreader?

I hired a proofreader (typos, commonly confused words, minor grammar issues etc) to look at my work, which I plan to self publish.She found most typos, but from a 66,000 word novel, missed about... more
Self Publishing Proofreading Editing


Where are the best places to hire good editors?

The more I research places to hire an editor, the deeper the rabbit hole goes.I see that previous responses to this question are either, "Ask friends and family for a reference" (I'll pass),or... more
Self Publishing Proofreading


How Often To Proof Read Book I'm Self-Publishing?

I'm writing (to self-publish) a technical book aimed for computer-literate people with no technical background (but who want to get into the field).In the beginning, I found myself re-writing... more

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