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I'm trying to figure out the possible combinations of a group of objects each priced differently.

There are 16 objects priced as follows:$9,600$9,400$9,200$8,800$8,600$8,400$7,800$7,200$7,000$6,600$6,200$5,800$5,400$5,000$4,800and finally $4,600I have a budget of $50,000. How many combinations... more

How is a budget surplus different from a negative GDP to debt percentage ratio, and does the latter automatically result in the former?

I understand the question may come across broad, I am new to government economics, but I am looking for a somewhat textbook answer. I hope you can make a rational guess, if the question seems odd,... more


What kinds of expenses should I have separately in family budget?

What kinds of expenses should I have separately in family budget? Like food, medications, transport, clothes, housing, kids, personal expenses, sports, flat maintenance, loans, rent. There are... more


How to calculate money needed for bills, by day?

I'm trying to figure out how to budget my money so I can look to see how much money I need on that particular day for bills. I've had an excel sheet I've used for a while that has all my bills... more


I can make a budget, but how can I get myself to consistently follow my budget?

I'm able to sit down and put together a budget. My problem is following it. After about a month of being strict, I lose sight of things, and get off the budget. It's then a couple of months later... more

How do you plan for risks in your project's estimates?

I have been working on the risk-management topic in software development for a while. According to the different literature there could be knowns knowns (typical risks), known unknowns (product... more


Logistics of managing the daily budget?

My wife and I have historically struggled with managing our budget. Not because our money priorities are out of whack, or we have too much debt, etc. Rather it's just a time issue. One person has... more

How to use a cash budget and buy items online?

Using a cash budget, say we save $100 for household items. Typically, we would withdraw $100 from the ATM, put it in an envelope, and then later, go to home depot or walmart or wherever and buy an... more

In the US how much power does the President have over the budget?

Let's say the president wants to either increase or decrease spending. He pledges to veto any budget that doesn't increase/decrease spending by X amount. How much impact would this actually have?... more


Weekly budgets based on (a variable) monthly budget?

My brother is a musician and works on a project basis -- the company pays him in the end of month, based on the hours he was working on each project. He is young and he doesn't make that much on a... more

What are the advantages of doing accounting on your personal finances?

What are the advantages of keeping track of your personal finances? Is it only worthwhile if I earn "enough"? Why should I bother?

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