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Need help with this problem

Samantha invests a total of $28,500 in two accounts. The first account earned a rate of return of 11% (after one year). However, the second account suffered a 10% LOSS in the same time period. At... more


I had a 10 question practice worksheet before a test, and I am completely stumped on these last two questions. Please help?

1) Jennifer wants to invest some money now to buy a new tractor in the future. If she wants to have 350,000 available in 4 ​years, how much does she need to invest now in a CD paying 4.25​%... more


Compound Interest

Michael wishes to give his son a savings bond that will mature in 8 years. He would like the value of the savings bond to be $5,000 at maturity. If he can invest in a bond that has an annual... more


How to determine interest and payment sizes?

Jennifer borrowed $3000 from the bank in order to buy a new jacuzzi. She will pay it off by equal payments at the end of each week for 4 years. The annual interest rate is 8.05%. Determine the... more


Interest and Annuity

A man starts working a day after he celebrates his 23rd birthday. He wants to have a fund that could, from the date of his retirement at age 58, give him a benefit payment of $6000 at the end of... more


Determine the periodic deposit and how much of the financial goal comes from deposits and how much comes from interests

periodic deposit: $? At the end of every 3 months4.5% compound quarterly Time: 6 yearsFinancial goal: $15,000


Interest rate problem

What interest rate compound monthly will yield an effective interest rate of 8%?


How can I set up a question with simple interest?

Lindsay invested a total of $14,000 in two savings accounts. The first account paid 6.5% per year, and the second paid 8% per year (both simple interest). Lindsay earned a total of $950.50 from the... more


Scott invests $6900 in two different accounts. The first account paid 4 %, the second account paid

Scott invests $6900 in two different accounts. The first account paid 4 %, the second account paid 2 % in interest. At the end of the first year he had earned $162 in interest. How much was in each... more


What is the interest rate of each investment?

The annual interest rate on an $18000 investment exceeds the interest earned on a $5000 investment by $1148. The $18000 is invested at a 0.6% higher rate of interest than the $5000. What is the... more


interest troubles..

How much money is in an account that earns 6% compounded quarterly if $10,000 is initially deposited and there are no withdrawals or additional deposits for 10 yr?


Finding the balance of an account with simple interest

I have two questions and I have to find the balance.   1.  $200 at 3% for 5 years   2.  $750 at 8% for 5 years


Compound interest

The present value P of A dollars t years from now earning annual interest r compounded n times per year is P=A (1+r/n)^-nt in this context,  A is called the future value.  Find the interest rate... more


Financial Mathematics

Gabriella purchases a new car. The car's value in dollars, V, is modelled by the function  V(t) = 12870 - k(1.1)t , t ≥ 0   t- the number of years since the car was purchased  k - constant k =... more


Use the compound interest formulas A=P(1+(r)/(n))^nt and A=Pe^rt to solve.

Find the accumulated value of an investment of $17,000 at 6% compounded annually for 13 years.


how long is the money

For her birthday, Lexi's parents gave her $5,575.00 which they put into a savings account that earns 9% interest compounded annually. When Lexi started college, she withdrew the entire balance of... more


$350 at 6 3 4 % simple interest for 2 years

Find the future value, using the future value formula and a calculator. (Round your answer to the nearest cent.)


Compounded Interest

Jack has $500 to invest. The bank offers an interest rate of 6% compounded annually. How much money will Jack have after 1 year?
1 3 4 5 6

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