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Multiplication Algebra 1 Algebra 2 Algebra


evaluate 17(1-1/2^2)(1-1/3^2)...(1-1/17^2)

please also show me the steps by steps solution and the quickest way possible to get the answer,thanks.
Multiplication Math Algebra Equations


Write and solve the equation

1. Seven less than a number y is 82. Ten less than a number y is 19
Multiplication Algebra 1 7th


Algebra 1 Question Help

So to solve a problem i need to do this step and its kind of hard... thank you for helpingSo i need two numbers that multiply to -24 but those two numbers also have to add up to -10.
Multiplication Fractions Money


Which is the better buy?

Option 1:3 1/3 lb. Of turkey for $10.50Option 2:2 1/2 lb. of turkey for $6.25
Multiplication Elementary Math


can this be solved by multiplying 3/4 times 5? explain.

A cake for a class party was cut into pieces of equal size. There are 5 pieces of cake left. 3/4 of the class still wants cake. What fraction of the cake will be eaten?


Comparison between multiplying and dividing polynomials

In what ways are the steps for the long division of polynomials algorithm similar to the steps for the multiplying polynomials algorithm? In what ways are they different?


what is 3 times 4

I need the answer to three (3) times (4) because we are learning multiplication in 3rd grade.
Multiplication Division


How much money does Hannah have

Hannah and Francine has $120. Hannah and Peter have $230. Peter has 6 times as much money as Francine.
Multiplication Subtraction


Calculate the value.

Multiplication Subtraction


How to solve this?

The total price of a cupboard,a chair and a table is $1500.The price of the cupboard is twice the price of the table.The chair is $80 cheaper than the table.Find the price of each item.


i dont get it can anyone explain it to me

mrs. krin has $300 deducted from her checking account every month foe her car payment. she also has $150 deducted every month for her insurance. after 1 year, How much do these payments change her... more


Mr. Smith goes to the gym 3 times a week, how many times does he go in a year?

Mr. Smith goes to the gym 3 times a week, how many times does he go in a year?   Is the answer 3(52.18) = 156.54


Cheryl hikes 7 miles in 3 days, how many miles does she hike in 12 weeks?

Multiplication problem.


joey bought a 72 ounce box of dog biscuits.How many pounds did he bye

how much did he bye


how do i do this mathematically.

What is the smallest multiple of 75 that consists of just 1's and 0's?


how do I multiply 30.30

please multiply 30x30.


The sum of two number is 200 and their product is 8236 what are the number

What are the two number that when multiply the answer is 8236
Multiplication Additiom


What is the correct answer of 2+2*3+2*2+4=?


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