Anna C.

asked • 01/03/14

Calculating percentage and converting? Too long, so I put it in the description :)

Jenna sells Lemonade for $10 per glass. She offers a 20% discount. The price is recalculated then she offers an additional 10% discount. Aidan wants to match her deal by offering a single discount percentage . What should his discount percentage be?

Anna C.

Thanks so much!


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Elana G. answered • 01/03/14

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Parviz F. answered • 01/03/14

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Mathematics professor at Community Colleges

Parviz F.

Students have a lot of problem over the percentage.  The best way is use algebra
 If a merchandise price reduced by 20% , means it sells for 80% of original price.
   Write down an algebraic expression for 80% of the original price.
  .80 P , then let this equal to discounted price and solve it.


Robert J. answered • 01/03/14

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