8 Answered Questions for the topic Currency

How did coins get their names?

Why is a coin an asset whereas a note is a liability on the Federal Reserve's balance sheet?

Can someone explain me why coins are assets and notes are liabilities for the U.S. Federal Reserve? I know coins are made from "precious" metals, but even notes are made from various materials... more


What is the chemical symbol for gold?


Why is gold considered so precious?


Calculating nominal GDP?

I would like to understand one detail of how nominal GDP of a country in a given year is calculated. It seems to me that the GDP in each country is first calculated in the national currency and... more


Why does US currency have a 25 cent piece and a 20 dollar bill instead of a 20 cent piece or 25 dollar bill?

Why does US currency have a 25 cent piece instead of a 20 cent piece? Why is there a 20 dollar bill instead of a 25 dollar bill? Why aren't both denominations the same, 20 or 25 for both the... more

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