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What are the shortcomings of gross domestic product as a measure of all economic activity in a country?

What are the shortcomings of gross domestic product as a measure of all economic activity in a country?

A possible recession?

Some media are talking about a possible, future recession in the US.Which are the economic indicators that you need to analyze to determine if that information is true or not?

Negative interest rates in the US

If the future the US interest rates are negative, what is going to happen Consumption Investment and Government expenses? Are those negative interest rates help the GDP growth or... more


GDP data for the baltic states from 1988-1994?

since I have to write a paper on transformation/transition processes in the baltic states (Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia), I would like to analyze GDP data from 1988 (shortly before the end of the... more

What is Q in the quantitative theory of money?

I am testing the quantitative theory of money for South Africa. QP = Mv. It is fairly clear what M and P are (broad money, or M1, price index, etc). But I am puzzled with Q. Is it GDP or does it... more


GDP per industry and per region in Europe?

I'm looking for a breakdown of GDP per region and industry in Europe. Do such data exist, ideally in the public domain? I'm looking for a breakdown of GDP per region and industry in Europe. Do such... more

What makes statistics economical reports so varied and different?

Search for `Iran's GDP` in Google, and what you will see is an image representing GDP of Iran, compared to other neighbor countries. It gives us the value of **393.4 billion USD (2015)**.Now in... more
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If a company buys a robot, it's part of investment. If a person buys a car, it's part of consumption. Why?

As I understand it, a company buying a robot -- something that depreciates over time and will eventually break -- is included in investment because it provides a long term benefit (increase in... more

How does government spending on imported goods affect GDP?

How does government spending on imported goods affect GDP?Is it first counted as government spending and then subtracted as imports? For instance, if the US government buy a new accounting system... more

Financial investment in the composition of GDP?

In the production function ***Y = C + I + G + NX***Does foreign investment in domestic assets (*i.e. foreign buying of domestic bonds*) - and vice versa - come under the Net Exports variable? Which... more


If a retailer consumes a good he bought from the producer, does that get accounted into the GDP of a nation?

Let's say we have a soft-drinks store. Say the store sells Pepsi and Coke. If the retailer drinks a bottle of coke from his own store, does that get counted into the GDP of a nation?Or is it only... more

How is the GDP growing when nothing else seems to be?

We've had strong GDP growth all three quarters this year. To me, that would indicate that, in at least some areas, we should be seeing growth. However, from my extremely ignorant armchair, it... more

How do I change the base year of real GDP using the GDP deflator and nominal GDP?

I'll use the US as an example. I have three data series1. nominal GDP $(Y)$2. real GDP in 2005 USD $(\\bar{Y})$3. the GDP deflator $(d)$, with 2005 as the base year, so $d_{2005} = 100$I want to... more

Ok to normalize GDP change by population change?

Does it make sense to normalize change in real GDP by the contemporaneous change in population? I'm interested in this calculation for the following reason. Suppose real GDP increases. I'd like to... more

What is a supply side shock in macroeconomics?

I was hoping someone could clarify what exactly is meant when someone refers to a country as having undergone a 'supply-side shock' and generally speaking when one is evaluating the health or... more


Are goods that are wasted counted into the GDP of a nation?

If *x* apples are produced in an economy, and only *x* - *y* are consumed (*y* apples get rotten at different stores in the country), is the value of these wasted apples considered as a part of GDP?


What is the Gross Domestic Product (GDP)?

I suppose GDP is supposed to create a measure of a country's wealth/welfare, something easily indexable.But how exactly is it composed? And is its composition disputed? How good is it at measuring... more
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What is the purpose of measuring GNP?

I know that the GDP (the value of all final goods and services produced within a country during a given period of time) is useful for determining the productivity of a nation, the size of the... more

why has the GDP per capita of Ireland grown of almost 30% between 2014 and 2015?

I came across these graphs today :https://data.oecd.org/gdp/gross-domestic-product-gdp.htmhttps://data.oecd.org/lprdty/gdp-per-hour-worked.htmIn both, something doesn't make sense for me: the GDP... more

Calculating nominal GDP?

I would like to understand one detail of how nominal GDP of a country in a given year is calculated. It seems to me that the GDP in each country is first calculated in the national currency and... more

Is a country in economic downturn if its growth rate is negative, but improving?

As I understand it, economic downturn means that economic growth is significantly slowing down or entering into recession. (If anyone wants to correct me, please do so). i.e. Growth rate is... more

Calculating rate of growth of per capita income?

Given this question:National income is increasing by 1.5% a year and population by 2.5% a year. What is the rate of growth of per capita income?Attempt: Since per capita income is GDP/ population.... more

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