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Investments and Bonds???

Carl invested part of $300,000 in bonds that pay 8.5% interest annually. The other part was invested in a simple interest account that paid 10%. How much is invested in each, if the total annual... more


Steve wins $500. His dad gives him $50. How much does Steve have now?

Steve wins $500. His dad gives him $50. How much money does Steve now have?


If i receive $40 every Saturday and need to earn 3,000 dollars before may 28th 2016 how long would it take to make that much?

This is for a concert i am gong to and need to know how much money i can make in that amount of time. Also the start date is 2 weeks from now which is august 3rd
Money Math


solve this as soon as you can or possible

Jenna is looking at two different options for a new cell phone plan.Plan A has a fee of $50 plus an additional fee of $0.05 per minute. With this plan, the first 500 minutes are free.Plan B has a... more

You are choosing between two health clubs

You are choosing between two health clubs.  Club A offers membership for a fee of $75 plus a fee of $20. Club B offers a membership at a fee of $135 plus a monthly fee of $10. After how many months... more


Solve this please, as quick as possible...

Dipesh is looking at two different options for a new video rental plan. Plan A has a fee of $7.95 plus an additional fee of $1.25 per rental. With this plan, the first 2 rentals are free. Plan B... more
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Please help

If I need to collect 700$ in 14 weeks, and I get paid 250$ per two weeks, and I spend at least 45$ or a little more each pay, will I still have enough saved up?
Money Fraction


Joel and Sharon had $400 altogether. Joel gave away 3/7 of his money to Sharon. Sharon then gave 3/8 of her money to Joel.

After that, they had the same amount of money.   Question: How much money did Joel have at first?


Help! Very confused on how to do this?

A shirt has a $20 wholesale price and is marked up 50%. the sales tax is 5%. What is the total cost of the shirt?


Simple Interest

 A building society offers a rate of 11% per annum simple interest. Beth- Ann deposited $24,000 in the society for 15 months. (i) Calculate the amount of money due to her at the end of this... more
Money Profit Loss


What is the profit/loss that she made?

The following were bought; 12 stickers (unit price $0.49), 3 t-shirt( unit price 12.50), 2 CD's (unit price 16.95) and 5 posters (unit price 6.20)....   Amanda sold 6 of the 12 stickers which she... more


A problem on percentages

  Diana invest $25,000 in the bank in at the beginning of the year. She will receive 7% interest at the end of the year but she will have to pay a 16% tax on the interest received.How much interest... more


Joe spent 3/4 of his money. Then he lost 3/4 of the money he had left

$6 remained. How many dollars did Joe have originally? 


Interest word problem. How much will it be worth in 8 years?

Suppose you invested $200 at 9% interest, with no withdrawals made.How much will the investment be worth after 8 years, if the interest is compounded monthly.   Answer should be in dollars,... more


if i am saving up to buy something for £239 and i get £25 a month how long do i need to save for before i can afford it

I need to know the answer please
Money Math


tickets to a basketball game and i forgot the equation to use.

  I asked my professor for help but he has a very thick accent so I didn't quite catch most of what he said.  Can you guys please help?     309 tickets were sold for a basketball game. The... more
Money Substitution


Word problem help, please :(

Sarah needs to prepare 170 pounds of blended coffee beans selling for $5.28 per pound. She plans to do this by blending together a high quality bean costing $6.25 per pound and a cheaper bean at... more


A bank offers a checking account for $3.90 per month. The first ten transactions per month are free but every additional transaction costs$.15.

Another bank offers a checking account with no monthly fee, but every transaction costs $.36. How many transactions would you have to make for the first bank to be less expensive than the second... more


marcos had 15 coins in nickels and quarters. he had 3 more quarters than nickels. how many of each coin did he have

marcos had 15 coins in nickles and quarters he had 3 more quarters than nickels


How many 10c coins did she have at the beginning?

Belinda has 20 coins consisting of 5c coins and 10c coins. If the 5c coins were 10c coins and the 10c coins were 5c coins, she would have 30c more than she has now. How many 10c coins did she have... more


Marisa's paycheck

When Marisa babysits, she charges $5 per hour for the first 4 hours, and then $8 per hour for every additional hour. How many hours did she work if she earned $44?


If you have to drive 1380 miles how much money will it take to get you to your destination?

If you are traveling on a road trip, and you have to drive 1380 miles, when your car gets 35 miles to the gallon, and gas costs $1.80 per gallon how much money will you need for gas to get you to... more
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what b5 stand for

i just want to know what b5 stands for i heard that word every day mostly so its a group name i want to know wat it stands for cause i never figure out what it might think it mean babylon 5 but no... more

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