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a parking meter contains quarters and nickels worth $5.85. there are 57 coins in all. find how many each there are.

how many quarters are there ? how many nickels are there ?


the coins in the stores cash register total $12.50

The coins in the cash register total $12.50. The cash register contains only nickels, dimes, and quarters. There are twice as many dimes as nickels. There are also twice as many quarters as dimes.... more


Story Problem

The newspaper carrier has 2.70 in change. He has 3 more quarters than dimes but 3 times as many nickels as quarters. How many coins of each type does he have?


Investment question

$5900 is invested, part of it at 12% and part of it at 9%. For a certain year, the total yield is $624.00. How much was invested at each rate?

Investment Problems, How do you solve the problem below?

Orlando, a financial planner, recommended that 25% of a client's investment be placed in a 4% annual simple interest tax-free account, that 40% be placed in 6% certificates of deposit, and that the... more
Money Money Math


Change due.

If a customers change due is something like $5.99, or anything that ends in .99, what do I give them? 


How much does Aubrey owe Ronny for the Internet bill?

Aubrey owes Ronny her share of the Internet bill & Ronny owes Aubrey $16.00 for his share of the Electric bill. They want to pay each other simultaneously. So, if Aubrey hands Ronny 10 $1... more


Joe spent 3/4 of his money. Then he lost 3/4 of the money he had left

Six dollars remained. How many dollars did Joe have originally?


currently, you have $80 and jay has $145. you decide to save $6 of your allowance each week and jay spends his whole allowance plus an extra $7 each week. how I

currently you have $80 and your sister has 145.you decide to save $6 of your allowance each week and your sister spends her whole allowance plus an extra $7 each week. How long will it be before... more


Calculating percentage and converting? Too long, so I put it in the description :)

Jenna sells Lemonade for $10 per glass. She offers a 20% discount. The price is recalculated then she offers an additional 10% discount. Aidan wants to match her deal by offering a single discount... more


How many coins of each kind are there (full question below)?

A box contains $6.70 in nickels, dimes, and quarters. There are 39 coins in all, and the sum of the numbers of nickels and dimes is 3 less than the number of quarters. How many coins of each kind... more
Money Word Problem


Calculating Tax

Many e-commerce businesses use PayPal to perform payment processing for them. For certain transactions, merchants are charged a fee of 2.4% of the selling price of the item plus $0.40. What would... more
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