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Money Money Math


Kim has the same number of $2 and $5 notes. The total value of all the notes is $28. How many $5 notes does Kim have?

Don’t use guess and check or listing
Money Math


My class is torn by this question:

9 billion pennies were created. It costs 1.5 cents to create each penny. How much money do you lose?


How much does spencer get for his allowance if he has $0.42 left?

After receiving his allowance,Spencer spent half of it on aMother’s Day card. He bought2 toy cars for $0.49 each togive to his brothers, and apack of gum for $0.35. 


Change $10 for 10 $1s

 Exchange a $10 to 10 $1s
Money Ratios


Ratio and fees

Members pay six dollars membership fee and three dollars for each aerobic class nonmembers pay five dollars for each aerobic class what number will the cost members and nonmembers be the same

i have made a calculation which is wrong i would like to know if anyone can figure out where i have gone wrong below is the calculation:

30% of £268 = £80.40 £268 - £80.40 = £187.6   some how I got the final answer of £167.80


what is the function

Juan has $13 dollars in his piggy bank. Each week on Monday, he gets $10 for his allowance. Write a function to represent the amount of money Juan has at the beginning of any given week.


if we have selling price,profit,overhead charges how to find cost price

selling price=975 profit=350 overhead=75     


What is 25% of $192?

I need to give my friend 25% of my $192. How much do i need to give him?


If you worked somewhere that paid you $12 an hour so you work 4 hours a day and take off Saturday,Sunday,Wednesday so how much would you make in a month

I need some help ive been going at it all night Can I get some help


how i earn money?

what work i done? so i get good money.


can you help me?

Jake bakes and sell apple pies. He sells each pie for $5.75. The materials to make the pies cost $40. The boxes Jake puts the pies in cost $12.50 total. How many pies does Jake need to sell to earn... more


Jenny had 218 quarters and 135 nickels in her piggy bank mom borrowed 124 quarters from Jenny to do the laundry at the laundromat how many quarters does Jenny

Jenny has marbles butt her mom took it away now can you help her count how many marbles does she have


For every 1000 steps is 92 cents how many steps to get to 3000 dollars

I need I answer 
Money Miles


A car rental company charges $29.95 a day plus $0.40 per mile. How much will a two-day rental and 185 miles cost

A car rental company charges $29.95 a day plus $0.40 per mile. How much will a two-day rental and 185 miles cost
Money Percents


if a pair of jeans costed $21 dollars and they were on sale for 20% off how much did the jeans originally cost

I have to find out how much the jeans costs before they were on sale.


What is her regular hourly pay?

sonya who is paid time and a half for hours worked excess of 40 hours had gross weekly wages of $800 for 56 hours worked. what is her regular hourly rate?  


how much money is left in account

Aaron has $137 in checking account. He writes a check for $120, makes a deposit of $68, and writes another check for $104. What is his balance?
Money Money Math


Money problem solver

Catherine spent 2/5 of her money. Then she gave 2/5 of the money that was left to her brother. £36 of the mobey remained. How much money did Catherine have at first?

I dont know how to summarise this question sorry.

Laura invested €1200 to be withdrawn in two equal instalments. The first instalment was to be withdrawn at the end of the second year and the other to be withdrawn at the end of the third year. if... more


How much will i get paid

If I get paid $10 an hour I work 5 days a week how much do I make a month 


Antra earned $55 per passenger and a $25 tip. If she earned $410 altogether, how many passengers did she have?

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