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Why did James Baldwin call it "magnificent twenties"?

In his "*Many Thousands Gone*", Baldwin wrote > The Negro, who had been during the magnificent twenties a passionate > and delightful primitive, now became, as one of the things we... more
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Was Smedley Butler right when he said 21,000 million/billionaires were created from World War I?

In his book entitled "War is a Racket" Smedley Butler argues that the profit of war is counted in bodies and money spent. He also wrote that 21,000 millionaires/billionaires were made from World... more


Was the Bosnian Crisis the trigger to WWI and not the assassination?

I've read that Austria-Hungary annexed Bosnia-Herzegovina in 1908, much to the dismay of the Serbs. Russia backed this action and was promised to have access to the Straits but were later denied.... more
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As newly independent countries after WWI, why didn't Baltic states have sovereignty dispute and war each other like other Eastern European countries?

After the WWI, many independent countries emerged and the borders between these countries, and also the existing Eastern European countries, were not clear, leading to territorial claims, disputes... more
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Why are the French and Indian Wars / Seven Years' War not considered WW 1?

The French and Indian Wars, which began in 1754, led to the Seven Years War beginning two years later in 1756; both ended in 1763. Why is this not considered World War 1? It was a world conflict,... more


How did such a relatively minor event as the assassination of an archduke start World War I?

The assassination of the Austrian archduke was, considered in the context of _all Europe's_ near-explosive politics, a relatively minor event. So how did it cause such a major war?


which statement best reflects Woodrow Wilson's mobilization of the home front in world War 1

A. The government followed the philosophy of laissez-faire B. Businesses and the military had no functional relationship C. Many businesses aided the central powers D. Government regulation of... more

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