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Can I self-publish on a reputable publishing platform, and how much would it cost?

With the barrier to having a publisher sign a new author seemingly high, especially without prior success or experience, are there any good author-funded alternatives out there to the repeated mailing of manuscripts out to additional publishing houses after facing rejection?As a businessman, especially since I have a bit of savings, and since I am familiar with the practice of procuring investors for other types of ventures, is there a way I could put up $10k of my own money with $25k from other sources to help grease the wheels of this process? If the book doesn't become popular, I understand the risk, but I'm willing to face that possibility.Since someone will no doubt bring it up -- **no**, I don't mean some kind of random run on a POD website like Lulu or whatever. I'm asking about a reputable company taking on the mechanics of getting my book into Borders, and/or wherever else possible.

Monique M.

I would start by researching via google. Just type in the questions that you are asking here. Often, contact information is available for you to speak to someone knowledgeable where this subject matter is concerned.


April C.

I am a self-published author and have been in the business world for over 35 years, so I am glad to discuss your specific situation if you'd like. I sounds like you have the money to invest in your book and getting professionals to assist. That would include a good editor, publishing expert / project manager, cover designer, graphic designer, etc. My preference is self-publishing for the following reasons: - You maintain control over your "book baby" - Speed from start to published can take years with a traditional publishing route and after many rejection letters. - You're going to have to be the primary person marketing your book anyway so why not self-publish - You keep so much more of the profits from your book The negatives to self-publishing are: - You need to self-fund or go through a Crowdfunding Platform vs. the traditional publisher paying for the publishing - You need to know how to navigate the often confusing process of self-publishing and options available. There are lots of unscrupulous companies like vanity publishing and hybrid publishers that are terrible choices and it's hard to navigate through those unless you have someone in your corner assisting you through it. I hope this answers your questions.


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Thomas A. answered • 07/28/19

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