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Rewrite the complex number in rectangular form, a + bi.

Rewrite the complex number in rectangular form, a + bi. z=(sqrt 2)cis(105 deg)=?   
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Rewrite the complex number in rectangular form, a + bi.

Rewrite the complex number in rectangular form, a + bi.   z=7cis(pi/6)=?   A. 7+7i B. ((7(sqrt 3))/2)+(7/2)i c. (sqrt 3/2)+(1/2)i D. (7/2)+(7/2)i
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Need Urgent Trig Help!!

Find the value for sin (θ) if the following conditions hold: cos(2(theta)) = 3/5 and 90(degrees) < (theta) < 180(degrees) A. (1/25) B. (sqrt5/25) C. (2 sqrt5/5) D. (sqrt5/5)
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Find the Quotient

³√16 ÷³√9
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You spend $30.40 on 4 CDs. Each CD costs the same amount and is on sale for 80% of the original price.

a. Write and solve an equation to find how much you spend on each CD. Let pp represent the price you pay for each CD.   b. The next day, the CDs are no longer one sale. You have $25. Will you be... more
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Vijay the plumber put in an new bathroom for us. he charges 2200 pounds plus 17 and a half percent VAT. what was the total we paid?

I need to know how much we all paid and how much is 17 and 1/2 percent VAT. Is it add or times or is  all of the formulas.
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Matrix word problem

Kayla and Mario are playing with a football at the park on a windy day. Mark throws the football straight up in the air, and a gust of wind blows it 10 feet west and 4 feet south from Mark.If |x... more


Dimensions of a Box

A rectangular shipping crate is in the form of a cube. The width is decreased by 2 m while thelength is increased by 2m and the height is increased by 3 m. The new crate has a volume of168 m^3.... more
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Sinusoidal function

Two Ferris wheels are rotating side by side at the Math Fair. The first Ferris wheel has a radius of 7m and makes one complete revolution every 16s. The bottom of the wheel is 1.5m above the... more

Sinusoidal function

The propeller of a boat at dock in the ocean will rise and fall with the waves. On a particularly wavy night, the propeller leaves its resting position and reaches a height of 2m on the peaks of... more
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Can someone help me with this problem?

the measure of angle A is 12 degrees more than three times the measure of angle B. If A and B are supplementary angles, find the measure of angle A.



in a distribution, the number 11 has a z-score of -1 and a standard deviation of 3. what is the value of the data with a z-score of 2?


Venn diagrams

The company is conducting a survey to determine the spread of two strains of viruses (type A and type B) in a certain wing of a hospital. Out of 450 patients, 267 tested positive to virus A253... more
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if cosx - sinx = 1/sqrt(2)... what steps can i take to prove that sin(2x) = 1/2?

I'm having trouble with a high school math question.
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Standard form

My algebra book doesn't really explain things clearly. It just gives me step by step answers but doesn't explain how they got this or that. In my book it's telling me how to write an equation in... more


How to turn point-slope linear equation into standard form

How would I turn the point-slope form linear equation into standard form? Y - 3 = 3 (x + 1)


How to turn this equation into standard form

How would I turn the equation Y = 3x + -3 into standard form?


How do I turn this equation into a perpendicular and parallel line in standard form?

I had to turn the equation, y - 3 = 3 (x + 1), into a perpendicular line that passes through (5,-1) and I got y = -1/3x + 2/3. Would the standard form of this be 1x + 3y = 2? I then have to find... more


Please help me with the following 3 questions on linear and include all steps.

1) Find the equation of the line:a) Through the point (5-,8), parallel to the line 2x-7y=2b) Though the point (4,0), perpendicular to the line 2x-7y=22) Solve the following systems of equations for... more


A department store worker can earn $500 per month plus a 4% commission on their total sales, or $400 a month plus a commission on total sales.

Kenisha sells athletic shoes part-time at department store. She can earn either $500 per month plus a 4% commission on her total sales, or $400 a month plus a 5% commission on total sales. Write a... more
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Bearings Project

I have NO idea how to do any of this. I've been trying for 2 weeks without any luck.   Bearings: (Start on the right of the paper) Beginning at the first survey marker (A), proceed 227.0 feet... more


Hi. Please help me with the following question.

1) Solve the following equations using inverse operations.i) 3x-7=7+xii) 3[(6x-2)/4 (Separate)+ 1 ] = 332) A cylindrical (cylinder) water tank of diameter 2.2m and height of 3m is full of water.... more


Please help me answer the following question on rational and irrational numbers.

Which of these following numbers are rational and which are irrational?   a) 5.33..... b) Pi c) 6 and 1/3 d) 0.56 e) 2.32 f) square root of 16 g) 1.038120697 h) square root 3 i)... more


Please help me with the following questions on surds.

1) Expand 5 and square root 5 (square root 6 + 8 and square root 5)   2) Expand (Square root 3 - 4 and square root 5)(Square root 7 - 8 and square root 2)   USING ONLY DOPS FOR 3 AND 4   3)... more

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