Reena K.

asked • 04/14/16

Venn diagrams

The company is conducting a survey to determine the spread of two strains of viruses (type A and type B) in a certain wing of a hospital. Out of 450 patients,
267 tested positive to virus A
253 tested positive to virus B
40 tested negative to both

Draw a Venn diagram to represent all the information above.

If one patient is chosen at random, what is the probability that the patient tested is negative to both A and B?

Find the probability that a patient chosen at random:
Tested positive to virus A only.
Tested positive to virus A given that he/she tested positive to virus B.

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James B. answered • 06/09/16

5.0 (3,069)

ASVAB Math (Arithmetic Reasoning, Math Knowledge)

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