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algebra 1 honors

Peter hit twice the difference of the number of home runs Alice hit and 6. Altogether, they hit 18 home runs. How many home runs did each player hit that season? 


Sasha is building a picture frame.the picture is 8 inches by 10 inches.how many inches of wood will sasha need?

Sasha is building a picture frame.the picture is 8 inches by 10 inches.how many inches of wood will sasha need?



I am thinking of 3-digit number.It can be formed by using three of the digits shown on the cards below.The digit in the tens place is 1 more than the digit in the ones place.The digit in the tens... more


You are going to plant a rectangular garden.

There is a restriction that the length must be 1 foot less than twice the width. Choose a length and width based on the relationship given


Which of the following is the maximum weight of the items purchased ?

A woman buys 8 items at the grocery store..the lightest item weighs 6 ounces ..the heaviest weighs 14 ounces ..the woman buys 4 items that weigh 10 ounces per item.. Which of the following is the... more


4th Grade Math Problem

Neil can put together 1/5 of his puzzle pieces in one hour what fraction of the puzzle will be solved after three hours


Trigonometry problem

Suppose you are solving a trigonometric equation for solutions over the interval [0,2π)​, and your work leads to 2x = 2π/3, 2π, 8π/3. What are the corresponding values of​ x?


Simplified answer

What is 105 septillionth of 140 millimeters written as all numbers no words, just numbers.


Credit Card Balance

Suppose you have a credit card balance of $16,500. the minimum payment is $338, and the annual percentage rate is 20.9%. If you make the minimum payment of $338, how long will it take you to pay... more


Math word problem

Kate is hanging pictures on her wall. Each picture is 16x20 inches. The pictures are equally spaced on the wall that is 17 feet long and 9 feet high. Two of the pictures are hung vertically and the... more


CUBICS MATH PROBLEM - How do I expand this cubic form?

The questions on the book says: 3. From the cubic form, give your answer in factor form and in expanded form My cubic function/form is: 2(x+1)2 (x-3) 1ST STEP: (solve the square, by re-writing the... more
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