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Right triangle problem

In a right rtiranlge there are two sidesss


Solve for Sin 0

Solve for sin 6/2 pelsde thank toj


Solve for Sin 0 please

How do I solve for sin pls help thandks


What is m<1 when m<5=65°

The answer needs to be a rational number with no units.


Solving for X on Vertical Angles

Angle ​A​ and angle ​C​ are vertical angles. If ​m∠A=(4x+12)°​and ​m∠C=(x+18)°​, what is the value of ​x​?


An angle measures 57.4° more than the measure of its complementary angle. What is the measure of each angle?

I just don't get it! I need answers, please!!



Quinn is flying a kite. The angle of elevation formed by the kite string and the ground is 44°, and the kite string forms a straight segment that is 90 feet long.Explain how to find the distance... more


Math question!!

In triangle EFG the measurement of angle E is four times the measure of angle F. The measure of angle G is 18 degrees less than the measure of angle E. What is the measure of each angle? 


Vector Angles in Radians

Compute the angle in radians between each of the following vectors:a) v = (-2, -2) and w = (2, -2)b) v = (5, 0, 5) and w = (2, 2, 0)c) v = (3, 3, 3, 3) and w = (0, 0, -1, -1)


Algebra 1 Translations on a coordinate plane

Coordinates of ABCA (-7,9)B (7,2)C (-2,-6)Translation vector (9,0) Coordinates of A'B'C( , )( , )( , )Translation vector (0,-12)Coordinates of A'B'C( , )( , )( , )Translation vector... more


Angles dealing with Alegbra

One angle is eight degrees more than four times the measure of another. Together, the angle measures have a sum of 128 degrees. How many degrees is measure of the angle with the greater measure?


Angles In Circles

i know how to do the easy ones like 180 - 70 and then half it to get the 2 angles but like, idk how to do they ones that are crazy and have a lot going MY EXAM IS TOMORROW HELP!!!


Pre Calculus 11 - Trigonometry

Find the two standard angles between 0° and 360° whose tangent value is 10. Round your answer to 1 decimal place.Any help with this question would also be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Pre Calculus 11 - Trigonometry

Find the two standard angles between 0° and 360° whose cosine value is -0.7. Round your answer to 1 decimal placeAny help at all with this question would be greatly appreciated!!Thank you


AC=11, AB=2x+22 and BC=x+19. find AB

My answer doesn't match the answers on the paper. I have a test on this soon..


Mathematics Problem Solving (Triangle)

You measure the angles in a triangle. One angle is twice as big as another. What kind of triangle can it be? What kind of triangle can’t it be? Explain your thinking.


Conversion of Degrees, Minutes to Its Half, Quarter etc...

29°18' devided by 2 I mean ((29°18)/2). How to convert degrees minutes to its half (1/2), quarter (1/4)?


Chandelier / chain

a chandelier hangs on a 48 foot chain from a high ceiling. If the chandelier is pulled aside so that the chain forms a 26.8° angle with its vertical position, how much is the chandelier raised... more


Angles in college algebra

Solve for x then find the measure of each angle. (2x+6)degrees [2(8x-3)]degrees


Angles (Angles Relationship)

1) Two angles are complementary. If one of the angles measures (2x-14) and the other (3x-6) find the value of x. Then find the measure of each angle. 2) use the diagram below to solve for each... more
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