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When do you need to find the Inverse in order to solve a system of equations?

In class we learned how to solve a system of equations by using a matrix and performing the gauss-jordan elimination method. We also learned a method where you use the gauss-jordan method to find... more


Prove matrix det(cos x cos z 1, cos y 1 cos z, 1 cos y cos x) = 0 if x+y+z= 2 pi

Prove matrix det(cos x cos z 1, cos y 1 cos z, 1 cos y cos x) = 0 if x+y+z= 2 pi


The sizes of two matrices A and B are given.

Find the sizes of the product AB and the product​ BA, whenever these products exist. A is 4x2, and B is 2x4


Determine if the equation Ax = b is consistent for all possible b1 and b2

Let A = -3 3 3 3  and  b = b1 b2 Determine if the equation Ax = b is consistent for all possible b1 and b2 . If the equation is... more


Math question on Ratios problem solving

The ratio of the age of Bob to her mother in 2001 was 1:11The ratio of the age of Bob to her mother in 2018 was 2:5What will be the ratio of Bob's age to her mother in 2030?


How to determine 2 unknown value in a 3 x 3 matrix

How to solve the following question2 2 0 X = 0P 2 0 Y = 0Q -1 -1 Z =0


Algebra and Trigonometry

a ceramic tile designer has some odd lots of tiles in boxes. a particular box contains square, pentagon and hexagonal tiles. altogether there are 100 tiles. there are 20 more pentagonal tiles than... more


Solve by matrix method

Food I has 3 units of vitamins A, 9 units of vitamin B and 12 units of vitamin C. Food II has 6 units of vitamins A, 9 units of vitamin B and 15 units of vitamin C. Food III has 9 units of vitamins... more


How do you solve a systems of equations using rref when the system in dependent?

In my case, after I used the rref function on my calculator to solve the equations: x − y + 7z = 3x − y + 8z = 2   It gave the following as a matrix: 1  -1  0  10 0  0  1  -1   I think this... more


When you have a 4x4 matrix that includes only 3 variable in the system, which variable is d?

Ex: x + y − z = −5x − y − 7z = 70.75x − 0.5y + 0.25z = 18x + y + z = 1   If a=x, b=y, and c=z, what is d?     


How to determine whether T is linearly independent ? Justify your answer please.

Let S={X1,X2,X3} be a linearly independent set of vectors in R^3. How to determine whether T={2X1 + X2 - 2X3,4X1+ 3X2,3X1 + 2X2 - X3} is linearly independent. Justify your answer please.


Is this True or False ? Justify please

If X1,X2 and X3 are vectors in R3 such that {X1,X2} and {X1,X3} are linearly independent sets, then {X1,X2,X3} is a linearly independent set.


Please help me find the matrix X. Justify your answer please.

               2 1 0                   1 0 1Let A = [ 1 0 1 ] and B = [ 2 0 1 ]                0 3 0                  0 1 1 Find the matrix X such that (2X + A)-1 = B.


Use algebra to solve for X in the matrix.

This is a 2x2 matrices problem. However, I am unable to type the matrices symbol in so I wrote it out.   Given A = 7  ,   x (top row) 15  ,  22 (bottom row). and the determinant for matrix A is... more


I have to compute the atomic weight of nitrogen and oxygen (with matrix operations)

Nitrogen and oxygen have atomic weights of 14 and 16 respectively. Use the molecular weights of the six nitrogen oxides given below to compute the atomic weights for nitrogen and oxygen, correct... more


How do u calculate the value of W ??

How to find the w value in this matrix equation ??   w    -9 4  w-12   " Determinant is equal to 0 "  


Express 1/x⁴ + 5x² + 6 into partial fraction

1/x⁴ + 5x² + 6 Express in partial fraction


determine the value of x, x>0 if

2   5                         =3x x    x²


Problem with applying matrices to common questions

A person invested $72007200 for 1 year, part at 44%, part at 1111%, and the remainder at 1313%. The total annual income from these investments was $775775. The amount of money invested at 1313% was... more


If you know all 16 cofactors of a 4 by 4 invertible matrix A.

If you know all 16 cofactors of a 4 by 4 invertible matrix A, how would you find A? 


Show: If (P1 P2) is a permutation matrix, then (P2 P1) is also a permutation matrix.

how to prove Permutation matrix


Matrix Permutation

Show: If(P1 P2)is a permutation matrix, then(P2 P1)is also a permutation matrix.


Permutation Matrix

Show: If P is a permutation matrix, then PT and PH are also permutation matrices.


Finding det of a matrix after row operations.

Given a 4x4 matrix where R1: a b c d, R2: e f g h, R3: i j k l, R4: m n o p. We know that the determinant of this matrix is 9. What would the new determinant be if the matrix was transformed into... more


solve the system of equations using the Gauss Jordan Method (2 problems)

label the augmented matrix(A:I), the resulting inverse(I:A^-1), column vector B, column vector of variables X, such that A^-1B=x   3x-5y=-5 6x-11y=-14     along with another problem which... more
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