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System of equations question!

Afternoon. I'm struggling to understand where to really go with this question! It reads as follows:========================"A lot of people have taken to baking as a pandemic interest. You’ve... more


Matrices question

Hi I'm am struggling to answer the last question in my textbooks chapter...Three crop sprays are manufactured by combining chemicals A, B and C as follows:One barrel of spray P contains 1 unit of... more
Matrix Math Calculus


Solving linear systems using matrices

needing to find matrix and solve matrixMaximize: P=20x+8y+12z<=0Limited budget constraint: 10x+6y+2z<=1800$capital constraint: 10x+4y+12z<=4000non negative constraints: x>=0, y>=0

Can I find a standard matrix when only two linear transformations are given?

Hi!I study linear algebra in Swedish so sorry if I get some of the words wrong.My question is, how do you find A when A*(1,1,1)=(1,0,1) and A*(1,0-1)=(1,1,2) where A is a 3x3 matrix.I know when... more



Given the following system of equations,a) build an augmented matrix to represent the system of equations,b) show the elementary row operations that lead to a reduced row form, andc) find the... more


please help i need this tonight

combined there are 178 asians,Africans and Americans in a village. The number of asians exceeds the number of africans and europeans the number by 75. The difference between the number of europeans... more
Matrix Algebra 2


Algebra two 3 variable matrix question. Find three variables and three equations for the matrix from the word problem.

An Oil Company in the US does business with three suppliers in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. One month the company ordered a total of 100 gallons from these suppliers. The delivery costs were... more
Matrix Proofs


Proofs and matrices

If A is a n x n matrix. Show that A^2 = 0, then if i - A is nonsingular and (i-A)^-1 = i + A Thank you!


How do you find the solution set of a matrix? Thank you!

1 0 0 2 3 | 40 1 0 5 6 | 90 0 1 1 1 | 7I'd like to see how to do this big matrix


Matrix Operations

Let E = [2, -1, 3, 0], & F = [0, 1, -1, 2]Are E and F inverses of each other? Why?
Matrix Math Algebra 1


algebra question

Gonzalez Manufacturing borrowed ​$36000. Part of the money was borrowed at 4​%, part at 6​%, and part at 8%. The annual interest was ​$2240​, and the total amount borrowed at 4​% and 6​% was twice... more

Please help me with this question.

Matrix is Not in reduced echelon form becauseA.)the last column has two non-zero elements.B.)ther than the leading 1 in the 3rd column, there is anothe non-zero element.C.)the non-zero element in... more

Find the eigenvalues and their corresponding eigenvectors. Please help!!!

Find the eigenvalues and their corresponding eigenvectors of:  Hint: Use EROs to create two zeros in one row or one column of      first.

Please help me with the following question!!!!

If     , where  , then the determinant of    is equal to:A.) 5B.) -5C.) 0D.) Can't be determined

Matrix of a linear system of equations

The following augenmented matrix of a linear system of equations is in a Reduced Echelon form.

Is the matrix invertible or not?

Determine whether the following matrix is invertible or not.


Find the dimensions of the following vector spaces

Find the dimensions of the following vector spaces.(a) The vector space of all upper triangular 4x4  matrices (b) The vector space of all diagonal 5x5  matrices (c) The vector space  R^(6x7)(d) The... more


Suppose that T is a linear transformation such that

Suppose that  is a linear transformation such thatT(1,-2)=(8,-4) , T(-2,-1)=(-1,8)Write T  as a matrix transformation.the linear transformation T is given by [ , ][ , ]


Find the quadratic polynomial whose graph goes through the points

Find the quadratic polynomial whose graph goes through the points (-2,10) (0,6) (1,13)f(x)=__x^2+__x+__i know the we substitute x and you to the equation and we get that c=6 but what do we do after?


Find formulas for the entries of M^n, where n is a positive integer.

M=[8 1] [-2 5]Find formulas for the entries of M^n , where n is a positive integer.i've got [-6^n+2*7^n -2*6^n+2*7^n] [6^n-7^n 2*6^n-7^n]but 1x2 and 2x1 are incorrect


(a)No one interferes with the ball. How long does it take the ball to hit the ground? (b)How far did the ball travel horizontally?

Aurora hit a baseball with an initial velocity of 70 feet per second at an angle of 30° with the horizontal. The ball hit her bat when the ball was 3 feet above the ground. Use answer from part a... more


Find the determinants for the matrices:

1. [ 5 4 ] [ 1 6 ] 2. [ 1 5 -3 ] [ -1 -3 3 ] [ 0 4 4 ] 3. 3I (I is a 4x4 matrix) 4. [ -1 -3 0 -3 ] [ 0 0 -1 0 ] [ 1 -1 3 -2 ] [ 3 2 -3 4 ]


Compute the determinant of the matrix that's obtained from A by applying the indicated row operation:

Suppose A ∈ M3 is a matrix with det(A) = -2The following row operations:a) R1 - 7R2b) 3R2c) R3 ⇄ R1


Determine which of the following are true and which are false

There exists a 3 x 3 matrix whose range is the same as its null space. The rank of a matrix is the number of non-zero rows that it has. For all square matrices A, it's true that det(-A) =... more


Compute each of the following quantities

Assume that A and B are 3 x 3 matrices with det(A) = 2 and det(B) = 4 det(AB) det(2A2) det(A-1BT) rank(A) dim(null(B))

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